No brand is immune to Fortnite

From this week in Fortnite, you can have the Predator do a Pele victory dance while wielding TheGrefg’s gamepad pickaxe. On Thursday a Faze Clan streamer performed Fortnite with a Manchester City star while wearing Manchester City skins. The battle royale hit has long been known as a cross-promotion juggernaut, but developer Epic Games recently took things to a whole new level.

Just this season, which kicked off on December 2, Epic added:

Crossovers like these are by no means new to Fortnite. The game’s final season was a multi-month Marvel mashup, there have been several Star warsOn the cosmetics theme, other real-world streamers added to the game include Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten, and there have even been concerts (and in-game cosmetics) featuring d huge artists like Travis Scott and Marshmello.

For me, crosses are part of the continuing appeal of Fortnite – Where can I play as Kratos and face Iron Man? – and each new addition helps Epic build the ultimate virtual world. But the crossovers also provide Epic with opportunities to make more money, which could help make up for the lack of gaming on iOS. The battle royale hit is free, so each new brand appearance is Epic’s chance to get people to pay for in-game store items or sell one of its seasonal battle passes.

Don’t expect crossings to stop anytime soon. The predator has just joined Fortnite, but Epic is already tease arrival by Sarah Connor from The Terminator franchise. This probably means that there will be a Terminator cyborg skin too – and if there is one, that means you’ll be able to pit the Terminator against the Predator in a fight for the ages. Let’s just hope Mando doesn’t meddle.

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