No charge for LaGuardia emergency landing passengers


A passenger who caused an emergency landing of an American Airlines flight at LaGuardia Airport on Saturday will not be charged, according to reports from the New York Times.

Authorities determined the passenger “did not make a verbal threat” and was not carrying a suspicious object, as a spokesperson for the New York and New Jersey Port Authority said.

Spokesman Thomas Topousis said on Sunday the unidentified man was held for questioning by the Port Authority Police Department and the FBI before being released.

Topousis said on Sunday: “The Port Authority Police Department determined there was no crime. ”

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An Indianapolis woman who was on the flight with her 7-year-old son told CNN as soon as the plane landed “the pilots and flight attendants started yelling ‘Evacuate! Evacuate!’ and we all got off the plane. “

LaGuardia Airport also released a statement on Twitter on Saturday saying the situation was being handled.

The flight operated by Republic Airways, a native of Indianapolis, suffered an emergency landing at LaGuardia and evacuation as a result of the man’s unruly behavior towards the end of the flight.

At the time of the emergency evacuation, authorities had found no serious threat to the safety of the flight crew or passengers on the flight. Authorities also noted that the plane was swept for security reasons and that no criminal acts or suspicious devices were found.


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