No lion: Walk for Madison as a snow leopard


No lion: Walk for Madison as a snow leopard

MADISON, Wis. – You've heard the saying many times: "Mars comes in like a lion and like a lamb."

This year, with light snow and a cold record, we may have to choose another big cat, such as a snow leopard.

Most Friday weather will not be particularly harsh. After getting started in the one-digit numbers to launch the new month, the peaks will reach the top 20. Light snow will form in the afternoon and early evening in southern Wisconsin.

Snow or snow showers will stop early Saturday morning. Most of southern Wisconsin will still recover 1 to 3 inches of snow in this system, with locally higher quantities probably closer to La Crosse.

Where snow leopards have thick fur to stay warm, we will need thick outerwear to face the unusual cold of the season before starting next week.

The warning days are scheduled from Sunday to Tuesday for extremely cold temperatures and chills.

As a polar swell flies directly over southern Wisconsin, some of us could experience record temperatures every day to begin the first full week of March.

Temperatures during the day only reach 10%, extremely cold temperatures setting in at night and early morning.

The coldest time of this stretch will be Monday morning. Temperatures could dive into double-digit sub-zero in March in Madison for the tenth time in recorded history.

In addition, chills could blow around -30 hours early Monday morning.

It only takes about 30 minutes for the frostbite to settle with chills like those announced Monday morning.

Tuesday morning will also be extremely cold, with temperatures between -5 and -10 and cold winds between -10 and -25.

Fortunately, temperatures are expected to moderate slightly by the end of next week, with highs coming back from mid-twenties, Thursday and Friday.

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