Noah Cyrus cries after Lil Xan announced that he would be father

The news of Lil Xan's impending paternity was almost too much for the teenage heart of ex-Noah Cyrus.

Cyrus, 19, has expressed his distress at the big news by posting a tearful selfie to his Monday Instagram account, simply subtitled, "whata day".

Noah Cyrus
Noah CyrusInstagram

Sources close to Cyrus told Us Weekly that the singer was completely taken aback by the news, saying that "Noah was informed almost immediately after his assignment. A few of her friends texted her and she was obviously surprised, but did not feel hurt. "

It's good that Cyrus has overtaken Xan, because, not only does he wait for his first child, he also seems to be engaged.

Annie Smith, the current subject of the rapper's affections, told Us Weekly that the 22-year-old had proposed her and that she expected them to be able to get married one day at the other.

"He wants us to get married in secret, in Vegas or something like that," she told the publication.

Xan, whose real name is Diego Leanos, began dating Smith a few days after his breakup with Cyrus as a result of their swirling love story.

Whatever it may be, it seems that Cyrus is quite ready to place his ex in the past. Shortly after her first posting, she shared another image of herself in black. This time, the legend said, "I'll be happy if that's the last thing I do."

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