Nobody knows what it means Star Wars Tweet


"It's where the fun begins."
Image: Disney / Lucasfilm

Ah, the promotional Twitters, a regular source of great joy and dismay for fans around the world. Sometimes they bring trailers, exclusive clips, interviews, all the joys demanded by enthusiastic fans. Sometimes they bring a bonus like today's: tweets that make no sense.

Hello, Star wars United Kingdom Twitter account, longtime listener, first blogger, I have a few questions about this tweet:

And I am not the only one. I came across this post via publications and fans wondered if that meant that an ad was about to happen: a trailer? A revealing title for Episode IX? Something else? This is certainly not unlike a Twitter account like this one that publishes an enigmatic tease.

But damn it, teasing it, it's weird. Why does he repeat the same clip seven times (yes, I counted)? It is possible that this is a reference that, one way or another, has been swept away to the vast world of the Internet. Or maybe it's teasing? I have no idea.

What I do know though is that this is where the fun begins.

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