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Noel Gallagher fights Taylor Swift, Lewis Capaldi and, of course, Liam in his latest interview

The quarrel between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun separated the Swifties from … I guess we can call them Braun brothers. Swift issued a moving statement last month after Braun acquired his catalog, citing Braun's intimidation tactic and calling the deal a "worst case scenario." Halsey, Panic! At Disco's Brendon Urie and Todrick Hall all shared their support for Swift, while Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Cara Delevingne defended Braun. But the best take of the situation came from Noel Gallagher today in an interview at Variety. Gallagher has no connection with Braun or Swift, but the man loves to talk about shit. He does not take sides because "they are just American idiots".

"You do not have your own shit, so when I finally left Oasis, I created my own label, because I wanted to own them," he says. "But I'm aware of the story of Taylor Swift and an idiot called Fing Scooter. Scooter? Is it even a real name? [He adopts an American surfer accent.] & # 39; Scooter. I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. I am less a fan of Brown Scooter or his first name. These are just American idiots. Which I would really be ashamed if I were you.

Gallagher also commented on his beef with Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi. Apparently, Gallagher destroyed his music, then Capaldi wore a shirt with Gallagher's face on for his whole Glastonbury and said: "Getting licked by Christmas was a defining moment for life."

"Chewbacca should take advantage of his 15 minutes. The biggest day of his life when I tore him up or called him an idiot, says Gallagher Variety. "This is the biggest day of his life to date. He's just saying, "Wow!" Well, I know you're Scottish and all that, but hell! It's like a third world country, but in the interest of all, man, you must have had a better day than this one. Surely!"

"So, I do not know, young people today: if you ask me, please … I meet young people and they are so culturally lost right now," he says. What they can do, young people, is taking a picture of themselves because there is nothing else.You know, when a group comes on stage on stage, it could all as well as a photo shoot.Nobody lives in the moment.Everyone shares everything with everyone. "It's not wrong!

But of course, this is not an interview with Noel Gallagher if he does not hurt his brother Liam. Last February, Liam declared that Noel's wife was "the reason why Oasis is no more." Last month, Noel called Liam "fat man in an anorak".

He recently opposed the inclusion of Oasis songs in Liam's new documentary, As it was. "If an impending imbecile makes a film that belittles me, call my wife after …, after dragging my children on the Internet, after being a dirty, misogynistic, sexist who can not keep his mouth on Twitter, and then call me to ask me a favor, I say to myself "Wow, you're as stupid to look at," said Noel, "I do not give any music you have in your movie, you do not put any "It's like," Can I ask you for a favor? "" No, you can not, go yourself, you do not use my songs to sell his movie. "

And no, Noel did not see it: "I could not think of a reason that would make me want to look at it, since every time I see the face of c – I want McDonald's with a machine gun. "

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