"Noooooooo Joe, not during the excuses"


Donald Trump Jr. responded to Joe Biden's video about the allegations of inappropriate contact by sharing a clumsy politician's hand.

Biden, the former vice president, issued a statement yesterday promising to be more attentive to people's personal space, while many women had told him that he had made them feel uncomfortable with past due to inappropriate or unwanted physical contact.

In the now viral clip, he said, "Social norms have started to change, they have changed. And the limits of the protection of the personal space have been reset, and I understand. I understood. I hear what they say, I understand it. And I will be much more attentive, it's my responsibility. "

In response, Trump Jr. is making fun of the video by sharing the message with his 3.4 million followers on Twitter. The legend published by the creator of the video was: "Noooooooo Joe, NOT DURING APOLOGY!" The president's son did not comment on the video itself.

The same one used an image of the much-discussed photo of Stephanie Carter during a swearing-in ceremony of her husband in February 2015, showing Biden putting his hands on his shoulders and sticking his face behind his ear. In a March 31 blog, Carter described the picture as "misleadingly extracting what was a longer moment from close friends."

"I thought everything would crumble if I did not answer it. But it was clearly wishful thinking. I do not pretend that this will be the last of this picture, but it will be the last of the other people who will speak for me, "said Carter about the situation that made the headlines.

Yesterday, Trump Jr. also shared content on Biden from the far right Breitbart publication. The article resurfaced – statements reported by many outlets over the years – that Biden enjoyed swimming naked at home. The claim appeared for the first time in a 2014 book titled The first detail of the family.

"I guess it's one of those" social norms "that never change … is not it Creepy Joe ???", wrote Trump Jr. Tuesday, the son The president attacked Biden as "creeper".

The reaction to Biden's apparent admission of inappropriate contacts in the past was mixed, with some saying he was missing two key words: "I'm sorry". He was defended by Tucker Carlson, the host of Fox News.

Lucy Flores, a former Nevada political leader, one of the women who publicly voiced concerns about her behavior, wrote in a statement: "Given the work that he has done on behalf of women, Vice President Biden should be aware of the importance of personal responsibility. for inappropriate behavior, and yet he did not apologize to the women that he put uncomfortable. "

Flores wrote for The Cut on March 29 that Biden had made him feel "uncomfortable, disgusting and confused" by kissing the back of his head at a political rally in 2014. At In total, seven women complained about his actions.

Earlier this week, President Trump commented on Biden's situation, which would prepare for a presidential candidacy of 2020. "I was going to call him," Trump said at the time. a Republican dinner Tuesday. "I do not know him well, I was going to say:" Welcome to the world, Joe, have a good time, Joe, have a good time? "

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