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North Carolina suspect pushed by boy with machete in court

Photo of the Jataveon Dashawn Room

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Jataveon Dashawn Hall was arrested two days after escaping from the hospital

An alleged burglar who was repulsed by an 11-year-old boy with a machete in the US state of North Carolina must appear in court.

Jataveon Dashawn Hall, 19, was arrested Sunday, two days after fleeing a hospital where he was being treated for a head injury.

He is accused of breaking into a house in Mebane City and forcing the child, who was alone, to find himself in a closet.

The boy escaped, grabbed a machete hanging on the wall and hit the suspect.

The child – who learned to defend himself with his father after ransacking his home years ago – said that he was on the phone with his mother when the suspect broke into the house. house by a window Friday morning.

"He pointed me to a pellet gun that was in our house, I knew it was not loaded, so I sat down and put myself in my closet as he was he said, "he told WTVD television channel.

"He went into the living room to pick up my phone to make sure I did not call him the [police] Or whatever. When I saw him trying to put it in his pocket, I grabbed my machete from my wall and went to hit him. I hit him on the back of the head. "

After being injured, the suspect kicked his stomach and head and attempted to steal a television and a video game. When he realized that he was bleeding, he threw away the electronics and escaped with two alleged accomplices, officials said.

After questioning the boy, the local police alerted local hospitals that she was looking for a man looking for a treatment for a head injury. For example, when the suspect went to a hospital in Hillsborough, 16 km from Mebane, staff alerted the police.

But his injury worsened and he was transferred to another hospital, located at Chapel Hill, about 20 km away.

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On Saturday morning, police called the hospital to check the man and found out that he had gone the night before "against the advice of a doctor," announced the Orange County Sheriff's Office in a statement. A CCTV camera showed him wearing a blue dress and socks and wearing what appeared to be a cup of water.

Police received anonymous information indicating that the man was staying at his mother's apartment in Burlington, about 40 kilometers from Chapel Hill, and arrested him on Sunday.

Detained in the Orange County Detention Center, he is charged with breaking and entering, second-degree abduction, interference with emergency communications and assaulting a child under 12 years of age.

It was not known at once whether the two other suspects had been identified or captured.

The boy, who is a baseball player, bought the machete with gift cards some time ago and normally uses it to shoot down trees, reported WTVD.

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