Not even the sky can contain this ambitious new Apple Watch Series 4 ad

"Uplifting" is probably one of the most frequently used words to describe some of the best Apple commercials for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even HomePod. But in the latest 60-second clip devoted to the highlights of the company's new smartwatch, the protagonist is literally lifted into the air during an intense workout supervised by the Apple Watch Series 4.

Directed by none other than Jonathan Glazer, the famous filmmaker behind the award-winning dramas "Sexy Beast", "Birth" and "Under the Skin", the superb indoor skydiver champion, Inka Tiito, whose you you may remember as early as 2017 season 12 of the hit reality show America's Got Talent. In other words, Apple has called on extremely talented artists to give life to this new publicity stunt.

It is interesting to note that the actual product announced here is seen only a few times for a few seconds and fits perfectly into the somewhat ambiguous story of a woman enjoying her freedom by running, swimming and … flying . What Apple is trying to argue is that you "now have the freedom to go with your watch" just about anywhere.

While we are pretty sure that the wearable device will not be able to monitor your heart rate while performing an upstream parachuting routine, lifting you up from the ground to dance with the clouds, you can certainly perform, receive and even reject voice calls after. float down a lake and get step-by-step instructions during your errands.

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