NovaBay stock more than tripled after Avenova is available on Amazon without prescription


Shares of NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Inc.

NBY, -0.62%

Monday, after the publication by the biopharmaceutical company of a very active product, it has more than tripled in the trade of very active pre-commercial products, the product for the Avenova eye care is now available without a prescription on Amazon .com

AMZN, + 2.83%

via its new online direct channel to consumers. Avenova is a spray for eyelashes and eyelashes, designed to remove bacteria and debris on and around the edge of the eyelids. The stock has risen 262% on a volume of 1.1 million shares, making it the most actively traded stock before the opening. "While Avenova is still available in retail pharmacies and sold directly by some eye care specialists, patients and doctors have asked for greater accessibility to the product," said NovaBay CEO Justin Hall. "In response, we are launching our new US direct-to-consumer channel, which is an important step in ensuring easy access at an affordable price." The stock fell 59% until Friday, while the S & P 500

SPX, + 1.05%

gained 15%.


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