Nvidia claims that Anthem's new DLSS support can increase the performance of "up to 40%", but …


Performance is not Anthem's main problem (constant loading screens and bugs are more common criticisms), but Nvidia does not want to go well enough. If you own Anthem and one of Nvidia's RTX series GPUs, the GPU maker has good news for you today: using DLSS, you can now benefit from a gain of free performance of "up to 40%".

Apparently, these benefits will not be perceptible until your GPU is actually put to the test. As such, the DLSS option will be locked unless you play Anthem at 2560×1440 or 3840×2160. According to Nvidia's own benchmarks, the RTX 2080 Ti managed to go from an average of 51.8 FPS in pre-DLSS mode to 69.9 FPS in post-DLSS. The RTX 2080, 2070, and 2060 have seen equally impressive performance gains.

That said, we have tested DLSS more than once in games that support features like Battlefield V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Metro Exodus. From what we have seen, DLSS does not do it. everything else that another sub-sampling technique can not do.

With Battlefield V, the feature reduces the quality of the image. It does not work very well compared to size reduction techniques. With Metro Exodus, it's fair to say that DLSS works. It's a one-click button, it improves performance and visual quality is less important. Although image quality is not as good as native rendering, we believe that many people will be more satisfied with playing the game with DLSS technology enabled at a higher level of performance, rather than working with a sharpness slightly higher than a lower performance.

In SoTR, DLSS is not as efficient as that of Metro Exodus, but better than Battlefield V. DLSS is certainly not as sharp as the native presentation, it is vague in some places and does not let shine the fine texture of Thu. .

If you are trying to implement DLSS in Anthem, tell us your results and, as we said in our surveys, we hope the results will eventually improve.

Owners of RTX GPUs can now try out Anthem's new DLSS support, as long as you have downloaded the latest drivers for your card and updated Windows 10 in October 2018 (version 1809 or later). If you checked these two boxes, simply open Anthem's display settings and enable DLSS.

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