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NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV starts to cool slightly

When you hear "Android TV," you can think of smart TVs first and foremost, or at least smart decoders. However, the real platform device is a game console that is several years old. Despite its age, NVIDIA SHIELD continues to work wonders on the market. However, it seems that NVIDIA has decided to upgrade itself, but do not over expect a generational transition to NVIDIA SHIELD 2.

The SHIELD was a special case in the Android world and took after game consoles like PlayStation or Xbox more than phones, tablets or even Android smartwatches. Now almost four years old, the system has been slightly updated in 2017, keeping the same bowels with a slightly thinner profile and different ports. The console and the smart TV box in one owe their longevity and notoriety to NVIDIA's software software updates, including major Android versions up to 8.0 Oreo.

According to rumors about Android TV, a new NVIDIA SHIELD has been spotted in the Google Play console. It is codenamed "mdarcy" and is still used on a Tegra X1. It will also work under Android 9.0 Pie.

This may disappoint some, but the old chip has not completed its course yet. After all, it's the same chip that feeds the Nintendo Switch and other rumors suggest a modified version of the ARM processor. It can be clocked up or down and have some hardware security fixes that the old chip did not have.

If NVIDIA continues to follow its laudable practice, this new SHIELD could last at least two to three years. At least until NVIDIA offers a new ARM chip for gaming devices. Or until he decides to drop Android TV completely.

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