House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republic Chief Kevin McCarthy clashed Thursday over a planned domestic operation to enforce immigration rules. which should start this weekend and target people who are illegally in the United States. (11 July)

DENVER – US immigrant communities have been preparing Sunday for federal incursions and detentions promised by President Donald Trump.

Trump confirmed the raids Friday after thousands of immigrants would be arrested from Sunday in major US cities. Proponents of immigration reform said the raids would tear families apart and sow mistrust of the government. In the process of preparation, human rights defenders have set up hotlines, printed leaflets containing legal information and volunteer networks activated to monitor and document immigration and customs clearance actions.

San Francisco mayor, London Breed, said Friday that city police would not cooperate with any ICE operation and that the city was preparing to protect its immigrants. "If you want to follow them, you will have to go through us," she said.

In Denver and other cities, government social service workers were prepared to find shelters for children staying at home if their parents were detained and threatened with deportation. In many cases, immigrants who do not have legal permission to stay in the United States have minor children who are US citizens.

Proponents of immigration reform were expecting communities around Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco are targeted by raids that will last at least Thursday. Trump said the criminals illegally sentenced in the country are targeted first.

"It starts on Sunday and they will get people out and bring them back to their countries," Trump told reporters on Friday at the White House. "We focus as much as we can on criminals before we do anything."

The Trump administration claims that national immigration laws have long been ignored and that stricter enforcement is needed because congressional Democrats have failed to push for comprehensive immigration reform, while critics say the president's strong stance is aimed at strengthening his support among conservatives in his party. based. They described the raids as cruel and unjustified, citing the long history of the United States welcoming refugees and immigrants.

The ACLU has taken legal action to stop further searches and evictions, claiming that many targeted individuals were unaware that they were subject to what is known as a "final revocation order". "because federal officials have made it difficult to prove the accuracy of court dates and appointments. updates.

"These refugees did not come because of massive bureaucratic mistakes and, in some cases, a deliberate mistake by the immigration control agencies," the ACLU said in a statement. complaint filed Thursday. "The blatant and widespread errors of the agencies prevented people from knowing when their hearings were taking place."

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