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O.J. Simpson's Twitter account threatens a man with a knife emoji

OJ Simpson's Twitter account reportedly sent a series of threatening direct messages – including a string of 16 knives emojis and the warning that "I WILL FIND YOUR ASS AND YOU CUT" – to a parody account that distorts the scandalous football star of his acquittal of 1994 murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The shocking threats were contained in a pair of videos posted Monday on the Twitter page "@KillerOJSimpson", which also marked the 25th anniversary of the infamous police pursuit of a white Ford Bronco that ended with the arrest Simpson for murder.

The videos show seven direct messages sent to @KillerOJSimpson, whose parodic account contains a roughly trafficked profile picture of Simpson smiling while holding a butcher knife in a gloved black hand.

The content of the parody page includes a tweet pinned to a Father's Day video that Simpson, 71, published Saturday, with the added audio of someone repeatedly shouting: "Police! Help! "Background.

The videos posted by @KillerOJSimpson show that the messages he received came from the "@ TheRealOJ32" account of Simpson, which he had created last week.

The authenticity of the messages and the identity of their recipients could not be verified immediately.

In the first video posted by @KillerOJSimpson, a narrator said, "Dude, you would never guess who the hell has sent me a message on Twitter in a DM. Look at this.

A portable camera then spins around a computer screen to show an exchange of messages starting with one of Simpson's account requesting that the parody page be deleted instead of "false misleading content that I have not posted".

What if I do not do it? Are you stabbing me too? In reality, I am not lying. You, me and millions, know the truth. You are tripping on a parodic account lol. Welcome to Twitter bruh, "says the parodist.

In response, a message from Simpson's account says, "As I said, delete that account" Parody "as you call it or face serious consequences from me. I'll find your ass one way or another, so do not make fun of me. I have nothing to lose. Grow!"

The video shows that the narrator then sent emojis with a thumbs up and a dagger, and retrieved a dagger emoji.

"Look what his ass sent me! Like, for real guy? It's crazy! Says the narrator.

In the second video, posted about three hours later, the same narrator stated that Simpson had initiated a follow-up exchange by writing, "Think I play Motherf – ker …"

"You saw this video on me. You think I play? Tired of all your bulls – t. I'll find your ass and cut you off – do not believe me? Just look and see the dog, "says another message from Simpson's account.

The parodist replied, "Dude, there are others who literally have more followers than me and more convincing than mine. LMAO Are you going to cut me? Impressive. That's what you said to Nicole?

The video shows that the answer to this was a series of 16 knife thrushes and the disturbing words "You are the next".

The exchange continues with the declaring parodist: "It's really funny for me" and a message from Simpson's account saying "Wait, I'm going to blow your ass on twitter …"

The video ends with a message waiting for Simpson's account and @KillerOJSimpson tweeted later on Monday, stating that "I have a third DM video that I have not uploaded yet" and that it might appear on a new YouTube page.

A report posted on the Barstool Sports website suggested that Simpson's account posts could be fake.

"First of all, OJ Simpson probably does not know how to send a DM on Twitter, let alone send an emoji. Imagine him looking for knife emoji? That would drive him crazy, "said the website.

By the end of Monday afternoon, Simpson had not addressed the issue on his Twitter page, which includes a biography with the slogan "If you do not see it here, I will not have said it."

Simpson's lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, did not return phone messages or e-mails.

Last week, LaVergne confirmed the authenticity of Simpson's Twitter account by telling CNN: "It will not be negative. He will not comment on the Los Angeles problem either. This will be one of the best accounts on Twitter to follow. "

In 2017, Simpson was released on parole after nine years in jail for armed robbery in a hotel room in Las Vegas.

A spokeswoman for the Nevada Parole and Probation Division said that Captain Shane Brandon, the only official authorized to review Simpson's case, was absent from the office on Monday and was not available for comment.

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