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Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayock expects a different relationship with Bill Belichick

INDIANAPOLIS – What a difference of a year for Mike Mayock.

In previous NFL editions, Mayock was one of the faces, appearing on the NFL network for hours to explain all the hopes, including during their field training sessions. That has changed now that he is the new general manager of the Raiders.

Mayock has been very close to Bill Belichick over the years, the Patriots head coach sometimes even asking for advice.

This will probably not happen now.

"I've had the chance to play for coach Belichick for a few years and he's been great with me over the years," Mayock said Wednesday. "I guess for the moment, as good relations as they are, there will probably be more free information exchange as in the past."

Aged 60, he also explained the passage of the media at the front office.

"Really, what suited me best was the people," said Mayock. "I had some opportunities in the past, and maybe it was not the right time for me personally, or I did not think I had the right place in this organization. The good thing for me is that I can go to the coaches side of the building at any time of day or night and have a conversation with Jon, with Paul Guenther, with Rich Bisaccia, with Jimmy O & Neil, Tom Cable – just go all the way down the list – because I've known them all for 15, 20, 25 years.

"I've always thought that the biggest dysfunction in NFL buildings is the inability for staff of coaches and screening staff to be philosophically on the same page and I think this is What happens is that I can walk into the building on the first day and know all these problems. coaches, and immediately, there is a link. And I think that's the biggest thing we could do in the [last] In a few months, build this philosophy and understand that there is only one way to do things in our building. "

It should also be noted that the Raiders have three first-round selections. Therefore, if Belichick and the Patriots want to progress, they have good relationships.

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