Obamas Show Supports Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's Engagement


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez became engaged earlier this month. Since their announcement on Instagram, the two-year-old couple has received a surge of love from fans, friends and family. But today, they had a sweet surprise from Barack and Michelle Obama. Keep reading to find out more.

Rodriguez visited Instagram today to share a photo of a handwritten note from former President Barack Obama. Obama congratulated Lopez and Rodriguez for their engagement by writing a sweet feeling in his handwriting.

Alex Rodriguez | Instagram

Here is what the note says:

"Jennifer and Alex –

Michelle and I just wanted to congratulate you on your engagement. After 26 years of living together, we can say that, whatever the challenges of life, sharing them with someone you love makes life better.

Good luck,

Barack Obama "

Rodriguez subtitled the picture: "It means the world to us" and used the hashtag "44", Obama being the 44th president of the United States.

Obama makes a fashion statement

Obama recently made headlines for wearing a bomber jacket from the Rag & Bone clothing brand with "44" embroidered on the sleeve, while he was attending a major college basketball match between Duke and L & # 39; 39, University of North Carolina earlier this month, according to GQ.

Let's say people have forgotten that they were even at one of the biggest games of the season after Obama's visit wearing the jacket. Since wearing the jacket, Rag & Bone has made more bombers' jackets available without the "44" on the sleeve.

Marcus Wainwright, founder and brand manager at Rag & Bone, missed the Internet craze under Obama's costume because he was with his children at a school event. He woke up the next morning and learned the jacket. "It's a pleasure to wake up with that," Wainwright told GQ. "He looked pretty cool."

Barack Obama
Barack Obama | Lance King / Getty Images

"The '44' on the sleeve looked like a subtle touch," said Wainwright. "Not many people could have succeeded that way. He has style. "

Lopez and Rodriguez celebrate their engagement

Before receiving the sweet note of Obama, Lopez and Rodriguez celebrated their engagement with a getaway for two.

The couple made a trip to the Bahamas. They headed to their tropical destination in a private jet decorated with silver balloons reading "congratulations" and a banner. They had champagne – probably just for Rodriguez because Lopez did not drink – and powdered donuts with diamond decals on top to make them look like engagement rings.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez | Pictures of Jackson Lee / GC

Will Obama be invited to the wedding?

We do not know how close Obama is to Lopez and Rodriguez, but they are close enough for Barack to send them a handwritten note of congratulations. Since Obama is no longer president, it may be easier to visit places such as celebrity weddings.

There is no doubt that the wedding of Lopez and Rodriguez will be a very safe event with a great security team that will ensure that there is no paparazzi. This could mean that the Obama will show up for the wedding. We will have to wait and see.


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