Ocasio-Cortez says the Dems are "sitting on our hands" on the dismissal


"I think that an imputation survey is on our doorstep," said the New York Democrat, saying she was "concerned" by where the demarcation line was drawn.

"If it is not the moment … What is the bar, what is the queue we are waiting for a dismissal investigation, and until now, it does not seem that There is one, "Ocasio-Cortez said. I said.

"And without a clear border, it looks like we're sitting on our hands somehow," she added. "So, if it's not the moment, then I think a lot of people would like to know, when is the time?"

Earlier on Tuesday, Ms. Pelosi told CNN that the opening of a dismissal investigation was "not set back", as she explained her persistent opposition to the situation. formal opening of the process.

"I do not think you should be dismissed for political reasons, or for political reasons," Pelosi told the Peter G. Peterson Foundation's Tax Summit.

About 60 Democrats in the House, including Ocasio-Cortez, have declared their support for the opening of a dismissal investigation, about a quarter of the House's 235 Democrats. For many caucus members, especially those who have overthrown constituencies formerly held by Republicans, impeachment is not their top priority. CNN recently contacted 41 freshmen Democrats who toppled the GOP seats last year to ask them if they were currently supporting the opening of a dismissal investigation. The results were revealing: almost half (20) did not answer. Of those who did, the vast majority was either "no" or undecided.

The speaker was faced with increasing pressure from members of the Democratic Party, during the election campaign and in her caucus, who expressed their support for the opening of an investigation. d & # 39; imputation.

CNN had previously reported that the House Judiciary Committee chairman, Jerry Nadler, a New York Democrat, had been pressuring Pelosi to support an imputation investigation.
Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last week reversed his position and now says the House should act on impeachment.

Ocasio-Cortez said in April that she would support the impeachment proceedings against Trump after reading the report of special advocate Robert Mueller.

"Mueller's report makes it clear that Congress is responsible for investigating the obstruction of justice by the President.It is our job, in accordance with Article 1, Sec 2, Clause 5 of the US Constitution, "Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, promising to sign a dismissal resolution led by his fellow freshman, Democratic representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

Clare Foran, Ashley Killough and Alex Rogers of CNN contributed to this report.


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