Oculus accidentally hides scary messages in thousands of virtual reality controllers

With all the new technologies put on the market, it's hard to wonder: how could it be unimaginable that would compromise my privacy? It turns out that it's also a big concern to the people who make the latest equipment. Thursday, the co-founder of Oculus, Nate Mitchell, informed the public via Twitter Tens of thousands of Oculus Touch controllers have been delivered with scary messages about privacy-related Easter eggs hidden on their internal hardware.

Open one of these controllers and in the bowels of your device, you may find a message like "Masons were there" written on a cable. Other devices have apparently been delivered with "Big Brother Is Watching," but according to Mitchell, only the developer kits contain this joke.

Mitchell's statement then apologizes for those Easter eggs that have gone from prototype to production, calling them "inappropriate" and saying that their internal processes have been modified to prevent this from happening again.

According to a report by Internal businessthe affected touch controllers must be delivered with the next Rift S and Oculus Quest helmets, and are not yet available. It is not planned to call back the controllers.

The posts are a bit of black and uncomfortable humor of the Facebook-owned company, given Facebook's power – and delinquency – in the area of ​​online privacy. It's kind of the actual context that takes a very common practice (lots of creative industries ranging from car manufacturers to video games, overflowing with hidden Easter eggs) and gives it a confusing layer. Of course, it may be a lot of fun, but it can only be funny if the company that started the joke really takes privacy seriously.

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