OfficerVIRALPH Specialist to Deputy Minister KANTOI recording a woman's skirt!


Statement Press Statement VIRALF Deputy Minister of the Interior, Dato & Azis Jamman

1. I acknowledge that copies of police reports and CCTV video footage on social media involve the actions and conduct of a person with me during an eye exam.

2. I take seriously the actions of the individual who makes such a record secretly and discreetly without my knowing when the eye exam is performed.

3. Such acts and deeds are condemned and vile. I also decided to act firmly against the officer who performed the registration.

4. After rendering his judgment, the decision to fire the grievor was taken immediately because of the action that affected my image and credibility as Deputy Minister of the Interior and the Deputy Minister's Office.

5. I apologize for the action of the officer and this has nothing to do with the other officers of the office of the responsible deputy minister with me.

Thank you

Dato's Azis Jamman
Minister of the Interior

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