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Official Launch of the Lexus NX 300 2019 Series

Lexus Malaysia officially launched the Lexus NX 300 2019, an updated version of the first-generation SUV rebuilt in 2017. The facelift has been inaugurated since the beginning of last year, but the Lexus NX 2019 combines now reduced prices and improved equipment levels. (specializing in the active safety kit), making it a more attractive proposition.

The company has abandoned the NX 300h hybrid, leaving here the Urban, Premium and F Sport versions as available trim levels. All are powered by the familiar 2.0 liter turbocharger, developing 235 hp and 350 Nm of torque, from 1,650 to 4,000 rpm (the name NX 300 replaced NX 200t during the facelift). The dual-scroll turbo 8AR-FTS is coupled with AWD dynamic torque control and a classic six-speed automatic transmission with shift paddles. The 0-100 km / h is done in 7.1 seconds and the maximum speed is 200 km / h.

The biggest innovation is the addition of Lexus Safety System + (LSS +) to all variants. According to Lexus, the range of safety systems covers three key areas of crash protection: preventing or mitigating frontal collisions, keeping drivers on track, and improving visibility during night driving.

The LSS + system includes a pre-collision system (PCS) with Brake Assist, Lane Departure Assist (LTA) and Lane Departure Warning (LDA), Active Turn Assist (ACA) and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (SCBD). The latter, which is an active speed controller based on a radar and a camera, runs at 0 km / h and is tracked at low speed, which means that it can also be used in city crawls.

The Adaptive High Beam (AHS) system for the three-beam LED projectors provided with the facelift is also available. AHS has 11 independent LED chips that turn on / off if needed to maintain maximum brightness while reducing glare for other drivers. Customers will not notice it in the showroom, but they will certainly catch the sequential traffic lights (front and back), which move along the NX tick brand LED daytime running lights.

Regarding the rest of the list of safety kits, the NX 2019 comes with eight airbags (including the driver and front passenger knee airbags, the latter supports the seatbelt lifting the front edge of the seat cushion) and a dynamic guidance rear view camera. . However, the Blind Spot Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert are only available on the Premium – the Urban and F Sport do not have one.

We move on to the equipment. In addition to the LSS + and the LED headlamps equipped with AHS technology, the NX 300 range offers two-color alloys of 18 inches (tires 225/60), LED fog lights with turning function, a power steering adjustment, dual-zone automatic climate control with rear vents, electronic parking brake, eight-inch touchscreen display and Lexus Premium Audio audio system. It features eight speakers, an eight-channel Class D amp, and Miracast / Bluetooth compatibility.

The bonus on the urban networks is a foot-activated rear hatch activated by the foot, a smart card key, a leather and wood interior trim (Urban silver trim), electrochromic and side mirrors and a smooth leather (synthetic leather). NuLuxe for Urban).

In terms of seating, the Urban comes with eight-way power front seats, while the Premium upgrades the driver's seat to a 10-way power-assisted seat. Premium seats also feature ventilated / heated front seats and fold-down 60:40 power adjustable reclining rear seats. The buttons on the starter wall are located on the starter wall and below the driver's vent. As mentioned above, BSM and ATCM are reserved for the premium.

Color options include glittering amber crystal (dark brown), flickering red mica crystal, sparkling metallic meteor (blue), sonic quartz, sonic titanium, graphite black glass flake and flaming cornelian. This is the new orange color that you see in these images.

The NX 300 F Sport has a sportier look and slightly different equipment. It does without the key of the Premium smart card, electric rear seats, pedal tailgate, rear-view mirrors and BSM + ATCM.

What he wins is the exclusive F Sport kit, which includes "performance dampers" and a variable adaptive suspension (AVS, with 650 automatic levels instead of 30 in the pre-facelift), which always comes with an additional Sports S + mode on the Drive Model Select. compose (custom mode also available). As for the look, take a look at the black rocket grille with mesh pattern F and 18-inch wheels in Dark Premium Metallic finish, wrapped in 235/55 wider tires.

The F-Sport also comes with exclusive color options, in and out. The cab comes with F-Sport "Naguri" metal foil trim and can be black, red flare or mustard yellow. Exterior paint options for F-Sport are Heat Blue and Lava Orange. Finally, this sports range trim includes special F-Sport seats; perforated leather for steering (with F-Sport logo), gear knob and seats; and a single meter panel with boost gauge and g-map.

SUV prices manufactured by CBU in Japan have been revised downward. The NX 300 Urban is now priced at RM313,888 (it was RM326,000), while the NX 300 Premium is yours RM333,888 (previously RM345,000). The NX 300 F Sport gets the biggest price reduction – from 40,000 RMB, it's going now to RM 349,888, a decline of more than RM54,000. All prices are on the road without insurance. Lexus Malaysia offers a five-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Naturally, some equipment had to be sacrificed for PRP reduction and the addition of a new kit. The glass roofs were removed (the Urban and F Sport had previously had a full panoramic glass roof, while the Premium had a moonroof) and the wireless charging in the old Premium and the F Sports are no more. The former RM404k F Sport had a 10.3-inch screen and a Mark Levinson audio system, but not this one. Overall, a good business, we think.

We also believe that the Lexus NX is a good alternative to the usual German SUV suspects. It's been five years since yours really is aboard this car, and a short drive to Port Dickson and its return to the latest NX 300 Premium have reminded me of the qualities of Lexus.

I shared the driving tasks with my colleagues Hafiz (BM) and Jason (CN), and we all agreed that the NX excels as a high speed cruiser. Admittedly, it's fast and responsive, but it's the effortless driving experience and the comfort of the NX that set us apart. Compared to its European rivals, the NVH levels of the NX are low. Between that and the Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 at similar, motorized price, the German is a bit stiffer, noisier and less user-friendly than a daily commute, IMHO. The Lexus also offers a more comprehensive safety kit and practical features such as ventilated seats.

Although the comfort of the seats is good, the cabin NX is not the biggest of the surroundings. It's nice and compact at the front, and although there's plenty of room for the head and knees in the back, it's clearly not the best for lounging. The electric tilt function is nice, though.

Whether you like the ultra-sleek exterior design of the NX and its cockpit full of buttons, it depends on the tastes of each. If you agree with his unique style, you will be happy to learn that the quality of materials used for the cabin is very good for his class. All points of contact are covered with soft leather or thick-touch plastic (except for steering button stays). The result is an impression of solidity that does not always accompany a premium badge.

The audio system of the NX is remarkable. There is no Mark Levinson logo, but it sounds good. You do not have to be an audiophile to give a higher score than Mercm Burmester's equivalent systems or BMW's from Harman Kardon, but I still asked the question. According to ICE resident Jason, the NX system is one of the best things he has heard in the high-end segment.

The last note concerns the LSS + Lane Tracing Assist feature, which can pull hard on the wheel when you're out of line. His toughness can be quite disconcerting if you're new to flying aids, or slightly annoying if you're totally sober. Of course, LTA can be dialed or deactivated if you wish. The rest of the LSS suite works as advertised – it's a good addition to the model.

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