Official Xiaomi Mi 9 specifications, including ultra fast charging


Xiaomi released its flagship forgotten budget product, the Mi 8, with a modest response early last year. In recent days, however, the Chinese giant has unveiled all the external specifications of its new budget flagship product, the Mi 9, including the phone will recharge very quickly wireless and cable.

Starting with the display, since you will watch it often, Xiaomi confirmed that the Mi 9 sports a 90.7% screen: body, 1080 × 2340, the Samsung AMOLED reaching 600 nits of brightness and protected by the 6th screen of Corning. iteration on their gorilla glass. This news is very good to see because the move to AMOLED on the Mi 8 of last year was one of the best decisions that Xiaomi has made with the brand, in my opinion, and so it is good to see them continue with superior technology known for its infinite blacks and vibrant colors.

Under this seemingly magnificent screen is a fingerprint optical scanner, just like the OnePlus 6T and the Mate 20 Pro. Unfortunately, this particular technology has faced its fair share of problems; It's slower than regular scanners, but slower than external drives, and the pixels above it must be fully lit to work, which can blind you at night. Nevertheless, it's cool, and maybe Xiaomi will have been able to improve the technology since its last appearance; we can hope.

In one of the most competitive sectors of the telephony market at the moment, the camera and the Mi 9 are primarily designed for Sony's new 48 megapixel IMX586 sensor, which had already been seen in models Honor V20. With 0.8 micron pixels on a 1/2 "sensor larger than usual and at an F / 1.75 aperture with laser autofocus, this sensor does not usually produce any kind of sharpness. images of 48 MP, although it can bayer 'pixel binning' to produce more detailed 12MP images.Saving this powerful main sensor, Xiaomi has equipped the Mi 9 with two additional sensors – for a total The one is the 16 MP ultra-fast F / 2.2 format, while the other is the 12-megapixel, 1.0 micron-pixel 'telephoto' sensor, allowing you to enlarge the light Overall, this is an incredibly strong set of camera material that would feel at home on any other flagship product, and I particularly appreciate the addition of the wide-angle lens because it allows you to take spectacular and / or functional photos that you could never have obtained otherwise.

All this equipment must be housed in a chassis of any brand, and in the case of Mi 9, I must say that it is pretty, quite common nowadays.
By combining an optional gradient back with the network of vertical cameras inspired by Apple, the phone looks like a Huawei P20 / Pro on the back, but with a contiguous camera relief. From the front, in my opinion, the phone is a step forward compared to the aforementioned device, although it is about to eliminate the telescope with a small chin and a small notch button; It is a device analogy very "aesthetic".

The connectivity is linked, and unfortunately, the Mi 9 does not have a headphone jack, as was discovered before, and the device has a USB-C port as expected. Impressively, though, the Mi 9 will support a 20W wireless charge and a 27W wired load. This means that the phone will be able to charge faster without clutter than most phones can charge, with the exception of some flagship models from Huawei, Oppo and OnePlus. For reference, the Galaxy S9 series and all other wireless-charging phones, to my knowledge, are maxing out at 15W, so 20W is a huge leap, if not revolutionary.

In addition, we already know that the Mi 9 will of course feature the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, 6 to 12 GB of RAM and 64 to 256 GB of ROM.

Overall, the Xiaomi Mi 9 is expected to fury with killer hardware at an estimated price of about $ 450 to $ 500 for the base variant, but it can compete with the new generation of OnePlus, Honor and Other flagship budget products, especially from the Pocofone and Redmi divisions of Xiaomi – will be interesting to see.

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