Officials Urged to Know How to Prevent Sasha Banks from Leaving WWE


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April 13, 2019, 07:11 IST

It's unclear who is attending the meeting, but WWE absolutely does not want Sasha Banks to go
It's unclear who is attending the meeting, but WWE absolutely does not want Sasha Banks to go

What is the story?

Sasha Banks is the big news of the upcoming weekend with information that the WWE Superstar was unhappy and called for her release following the loss of her title at WrestleMania, leading to an alleged backstage incident at & ## Mania, at his absence Monday night RAW, an appearance on television. But, a new report suggests that WWE is doing its best to keep it.

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In case you did not know …

It is alleged that Sasha Banks and Bayley, who make up the "Boss & # 39; Hug Connection" team, were extremely upset and frustrated after losing the WWE Women's Tag- titles. Teams won by IIconics at WrestleMania 35 – in particular they had been led to believe that they would run long with belts that they had helped bring to WWE.

It was reported that Sasha Banks was so angry at the decision that a behind-the-scenes altercation took place at WrestleMania, which resulted in another, yet unknown, WWE Superstar injury. It is also believed that this occurred around the same time that Banks had asked for his release from the WWE.

The heart of the problem

Twitter Wrestling Twitter's scoopster, Slice Wrestling, has "exclusively" reported (one day after Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer newsletter) that Sasha Banks wanted to leave the WWE.

But to give them credit, they added details about an "emergency meeting" of WWE officials to discuss what to do about the banks' situation.

Slice Wrestling did not provide details about the participants in the meeting or what is being discussed, but it is likely that more details will be available shortly, as it has become the history of the wrestling world right now with everyone talking about it.

And after?

The husband of Sasha Banks also making a statement, it seems that it exploded en masse. It remains to be seen what will happen and if the WWE will be able to convince Banks to stay.

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