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Offset leaves Drinking Lean – XXL

shift continue his Father of 4 promo album executed by shooting on Hot 97's Ebro in the morning Wednesday morning (February 27). In a conversation that includes discussions about his recent back and forth with Chris Brown and his brief sharing with his wife, Cardi B, the rapper Migos reveals that he is definitely leaving the skinny.

"I'm drinking, losing weight .This has never been a good thing for me," Offset told Ebro host when he asked him how he was clearing his way in his personal drama. "I never put pictures of myself pouring this and that, it became something I did, it had become a hobby, it became something that I I just had to do it.And then I started to notice: "I reach my full potential with that!" Then, people start to notice that you like, as your mother tells you, "My son, you must stop drinking that kind of stuff. "I take it hard like, damn!"

A battle against lean addiction is something that Offset addresses to its Father of 4 cut, "North Star." "It's real rap, put them off like Warren Sapp / The music is like a trap, get the product and relapse," quickly defines the song produced by Allen Ritter and Metro Boomin. "Crown me king, addiction to lean / But if I can not sip it, then mom can not even sleep."

Offset explained how lean had led him to make bad decisions, but ultimately he is on a better path.

Watch Full Offset Ebro in the morning interview below.

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