Oh, he can shoot too? Steph Curry scratching, collapsing and feeling like rebounding First match – The Athletic

In every game, Warrior assistant coach Ron Adams finds Stephen Curry and praises something. It's not Curry's 3-point shot, nor his dribbling, nor anything that made Curry universally famous and rich enough.

Of course, shooting in 3 points is incredible. The dribble is sublime. Leadership is paramount. The Warriors' dynasty was built on the foundation of these Curry skills. But stay …

"It's funny," said Adams in the Warriors locker room after their victory over the Clippers (121-104, match 1) on Saturday at the Oracle Arena. "I do not care about his kind of offensive scoring game. I always go to him and say, "God, your rebound has been fantastic." That's the first thing I'm talking about.

"He's a phenomenal rebound."

So Ron, did you rent Curry's bounce after his injuries?

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