Ohio School Requires Vaccination – Trends and Viral News



(WTHR) – An Ohio school will no longer accept religious beliefs as the reason for not vaccinating a child.

The change occurred after a number of measles cases were confirmed in New York County, the WLWT reported. Officials at a school in North Carolina have also been faced with an outbreak of chicken pox.

"There is really no credible science that allows a person not to be vaccinated," said Dr. Baruch Fertel of Cleveland Clinic at WTOL-TV. "We see in these outbreaks that it can simply spread like wildfire and cause damage."

Trustees at the Cleveland Hebrew Academy cited recent measles outbreaks in Jewish communities around the world to justify policy change. These reasons were outlined in a letter to families, reported WLWT.

School officials have stated that an exception can be made if a doctor certifies that a vaccination is contraindicated on a medical level.

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