Oilers CEO and Vice President, Bob Nicholson, is blazed by seasonal season ticket holders at breakfast

The Edmonton Oilers have a lot of problems. They are seven points from last place, they have a generational talent at Connor McDavid. surrounded by floating contractsand Peter Chiarelli, Executive Director dismissed, after signing a $ 13.5 million three-year agreement with goaltender Mikko Koskinen for $ 13.5 million, including a no-trade clause changed. Koskinen has played 51 career NHL games averaging 3.00 goals and .905 save percentage.

Oilers fans voiced their concerns to Oilers Entertainment Group President and CEO Bob Nicholson on Monday at a subscriber-only breakfast.

One of these ticket holders, Paul Almeida, went on Twitter to document the event and share his thoughts. This book details some of the inner workings of the Oilers organization.

For starters, the Oilers need a new general manager. Previously, no GM employee needed an interview. This time, the Oilers have not even started the process yet as there are still a lot of teams out there to play the playoffs and they have not given Edmonton permission to talk to those employees.

The fans were also irritated by the fact that one of the club's priorities was to get a defender of the best players while the contracts could have given him this player.

In addition, Nicholson noted that "culture" and "character" were the traits he was looking for in the Oilers lineup, not talent.

Almeida decided not to renew his subscription package, and questioned the rest of the Oilers nation about choosing the team in 3 to 6 years, given the current regime.

To date, nearly 2,500 people have voted and 50% are "not optimistic" that the club will be competing for a Stanley Cup in the next three to six years.

Title photo: @EdmontonOilers

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