"Old Town Road" helps a 4-year-old Minnesota boy with non-verbal autism to start talking, thanks to Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus


When Billy Ray Cyrus decided to join Lil Nas X On his single "Old Town Road", the country star said that the hip-hop artist was a "light in this world". While the song is popular throughout the United States, Lil Nas X brought this light to a particular person: a mother from Minnesota said that "Old Town Road" had helped her 4-year-old non-verbal autistic son to find his voice.

"The road to the old city" is made to shine the spotlight on my son, "commented Sheletta Brundidge about her son, Daniel.While Daniel does not usually speak, his mother caught him in the process of humming the words on "Old Town Road" one day.

The mother saw this as a breakthrough. "I thought, oh my God, it's music, that's how we join it," said Brundidge at CBS Minnesota, WCCO, where she is a radio personality and co-producer. -animator of the podcast Two Haute Mommas. "That's how it's taught to him, that's how he understands it."

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Brundidge posted the video of Daniel Humming on Twitter, which quickly became viral. Even Lil Nas X himself saw the inspiring video, calling Daniel "king".

Brundidge said his son's therapists now incorporate music into their sessions. "They use it in her therapy to teach her what they need, and everything goes so fast," she said.

As in many homes across America, "Old Town Road" is an essential part of the Brundidge House. Daniel's brothers and sisters also like to sing the song.

The song drew a lot of attention when Billboard removed it from its list of countries, saying it "does not embrace enough elements of the current country music to figure in its current version ". Lil Nas X then recruited country singer Billy Ray Cyrus for the remix of his viral hit.

Cyrus apparently related, tweeting that he had already seen what had happened to "Old Town Road" on the Billboard map. "When I was thrown off the charts, Waylon Jennings said," Take this as a compliment, "that means you're doing something awesome! Only proscribed people are banned. Welcome to the club! " Cyrus wrote. Their collaboration made the song bigger than ever before and sparked discussions about the role of the race in defining musical genres.

The children of the country listened to the song. Lil Nas X same visited a primary school in Ohio after seeing a video of students dancing to the hit during their talent show

Now, Daniel's mother is hoping that his "miracle" "Old Town Road" & # 39; will prompt a visit from Lil Nas X and Cyrus also. "Lil Daniel X" now has a karaoke microphone in which to sing, and he waits for the two artists to come and see us someday with him, tweeted Brundidge.


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