Oleh Kosel understands Zion Williamson better than most columnists you read


When we read articles about Zion Williamson, we often ask ourselves: did you look?

Because some of them just make wild assumptions about problems with his game or expect him to bomb in the NBA or whatever.

Not the case with this guy.

Our SBN colleague, Oleh Kosel, saw the same player as us and his analysis of Williamson is much better than most others. From his article:

"It's stronger, faster, and processes information faster than everyone else. When it takes off, the contact does not slow it down. It looks too easy to catch a ball in the air and then throw it all in one go. When a ball is lost, it is the first to react and do something before the opponent can recover. And a common theme that is no doubt: he plays with fire, passion and tenacity so rarely matched. "

Well put. Talent is one thing, passion and desire are not so common. And having them all in one player is pretty rare.

New Orleans will love it.

By the way, this story is tied down. You'd better read it too. It's his high school years, but still interesting as we approach the day of the repechage.

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