Olivia Jade Giannulli, classmate Harlow Brooks suspects accepted USC – Lori Loughlin


There was something fishy Olivia Jade Giannulliacceptance of the university – and this was certainly not the keel of his boat.

Harlow Brooks, one of the classmates of the teenage girl in high school, confessed to being shocked by the fact that Olivia entered the prestigious USC, especially when she seemed not to be doing well. hardly worry about school.

After a first visit to their high school, Harlow, who herself became a YouTuber, recounted that she remembered having seen a poster celebrating the admission of Bella, the eldest sister of Olivia, in college.

"I remember hearing later that Olivia had also started playing at USC, and I was like" wow, it's a bit crazy, because USC is very, extremely hard to get in. So not just a sister, but both, "she said.

More disturbing to Harlow, who liked to go to school, is that his classmate had time to play the role of influencer while getting the marks required to enter such a prestigious college.

"I had to get up at 6am every morning and I would leave school at 4 pm Then I would have 6 hours of homework," she recalls. "That made me think: how is she doing that?"

"As if literally I did not have time to do anything outside of school, apart from school, and I was in easy classes."

"I was confused, how is she for YouTube, how does she have time to create videos on YouTube, an arrangement with the school or something like that?" It did not seem to me logical, because in these schools, your life is one hundred percent.% school. "

While Harlow deliberately avoided naming "the highest elite private school", commentators had no qualms about putting forward Marymount All Girls Catholic High School – the same Kim Kardashian and his sisters attended.

Harlow described this visit as "the worst school experience of my life".

"Being in this school made me feel that Instagram made me feel, you know when you go on Instagram and you feel" Ah, my life is beautiful! "And then you'll see the everyone's life and you say "wow, my life is not pretty enough," she recalls, claiming she had to simulate her interest in gossip, drama, and expensive outfits to fit in .

She said that many students were taking painkillers, anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs because of their stress and pressure, and that everything was "for nothing" – except to say that you attended this high school, and I think that's why they go there, because the wealthy in LA want all of their children to go to those schools just to say they're going there, so people know they're paying $ 50,000 for their high school education . "

She continued, "I do not know what his grades were at this school, but since I'm a school-loving person who does very well at school, I could not even manage workload."

Noting that Olivia Jade had herself publicly stated that she did not like school and that she was only present for the holidays, she added : "I can not even imagine succeeding such a school if you are not engaged in school."

Harlow insisted that when the university admissions scandal erupted last week, she was not surprised, as everyone knows that affluent families are paying to play in education. .

But the fact that she would have removed a sports scholarship to a person who has spent all his life in rowing but could not afford to go to college, she said, was "bad taste".

"I'm sure she could have been as happy in college as she could have done, and she would not be facing this massive scandal."

Last week Olivia's parents Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer, husband Mossimo, were named in connection with an investigation into a fraud involving dozens of wealthy parents, alleging that the two celebrities reportedly paid $ 500,000 in bribes so that their daughters are recruited by the USC as rookies in the team, although none of them has ever rowed.

Harlow added that she "had a hard time believing" Olivia Jade was not aware of her parents' alleged plan.

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