Olivia Jade is upset by her parents for ruining her influential career with the scandal of academic deception


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  • Olivia Jade is apparently so furious with her parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, for their alleged involvement in the scandal of deception at the university.
  • She is apparently trying to live the present moment, however.

    Of course, you have already been upset by your parents, but have you ever been delivered to Olivia Jade? Probably not because his are legitimate (allegedly!) Ruining his life – not like yours did when they did not let you go through your false emo phase in peace.

    According to some sources of Entertainment Tonight, Olivia is completely proud of her parents for their alleged involvement in this huge university admission scandal, where they paid to get her to admit to the USC on the base false test results and claiming to be part of the team, knowing that she is doing well. not row.

    Now that the news is known, the beauty of YouTuber and his influence have lost the links with Sephora, TRESemmé and Estée Lauder and it really affects his bag, okay? Specifically, she would have thought "that they ruined everything".

    The source also added that Olivia was even more unhappy about the fact that she did not even want to go to school, which she clearly explained during her vlogs. They said:

    "Passionate about her career, she wanted to work and was fine, but that was not enough, her parents told her that she should juggle the university and her career, she is now devastated because everything She built imploded in front of her eyes, saying that they ruined everything. "

    In addition, Olivia is so upset and embarrassed by everything that she "does not even want to go out", which is very serious at 19 years old. Moments like these will make you wish you could just get on a yacht owned by a heavy hitter USC and forget that it never happened.

    For the moment, Olivia and her sister Isabella Rose have not returned to the USC even though the class is definitely in session. According to one People source, they are just trying to do them and "live in the moment". It's all that everyone of us can do, really.

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