Olivia Munn reveals that Brett Ratner had called her in 2011 – Variety

Olivia Munn sets the record straight for the head of "Rush Hour" director Brett Ratner, whom she alleges has sexually harassed her more than a decade ago. During a round table at the Emily's brunch List at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills on Tuesday morning, Munn revealed that Ratner had called her in 2011 after denying the charge that he would have masturbated in front of her. he had "btook it "but" forgot it ".

"I've never told this story publicly, I'm in my hotel room in New York," Munn said. "And I get this blocked caller ID number, and I answer the phone and that is Brett."

He said, "I was joking about it. It's just a joke and it's been disproportionate, "she recalls. He said, "Well, look, we still had an appointment, right? And I said, "No," and he said, "Are you sure we did not have an appointment?" "Recorded the conversation," she said, explaining that they had met only because Munn had been invited by a friend to go to the set that day.

When she did not want to conform to her story, she said that Ratner apologized and asked him to tell his Twitter followers that everything was fine. Munn said he also admitted that he was in trouble with the Academy, Disney and Universal regarding his comments.

When she refused to tweet on his behalf, he offered to apologize publicly when appearing in front of "Howard Stern" the next day. "I remember that feeling it was the ring that I could grab, she recalls. "I said," Yes, tell them you lied and we never went out together. "

In Munn's memory, Ratner ended the call by saying, "I'm sorry, I do not know why everyone is so mad at me."

"Because you live your life as if we were all in your film, and everyone who comes into your atmosphere is under your control," replied Munn. "But when you came after me, you came under my reign. And it will not be your moment in your world, it will be my moment in my world. And in my world, guys like you come home crying.

Ratner subsequently resigned from the 84th Academy Awards following homophobic comments later in his "Tower Heist" press tour.

For the duration of the panel, which included Amber Tamblyn, Melissa Fumero, Kim Foxx and facilitators Lisa Ling and Munn, the women shared their thoughts on the work that remains to be done to support women in Hollywood and politics.

When it comes to whether the redemption is still possible for the aggressors in the eyes of the public like Ratner, Tamblyn says we're asking the wrong question.

"The question that is asked is not necessarily about when will we forgive, or when culture as a society will forgive, or when will they be allowed to come back and direct another film? The question is, "What are they doing in their own lives to show us that they have changed?" Said Tamblyn. "I'm focusing on the next wave of men and women coming to create beautiful, non-problematic movies that do not come out in meetings."

Other participants at the Emily & # 39; s Annual Second Brunch included Maxine Waters, Cleopatra Coleman, Fatima Robinson, Felicity Huffman, Gloria Calderon Kellett, Ashley Rickards, Catherine Reitman, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Jaime KingJune Diane Raphael Lala Kent, Minka Kelly, Natasha Rothwell, Nancy Meyers, Shiri Appleby, and Yvette Nicole Brown.

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