On the third day after the release of the calendar, my hopes increased after closely examining the 2019 Redskins calendar.


John Keim looked at the Redskins' schedule and said "7-9".

Prediction game by game

Redskins reporter John Keim predicts a 7-9 finish:

September 8th: in Philadelphia, Loss

September 15th: vs Dallas, Win

September 23: vs Chicago, loss

September 29th: at N.Y. Giants, Win

October 6: New England, loss

October 13th: in Miami, Win

October 20: vs San Francisco, Win

October 24th: in Minnesota, Loss

November 3: in Buffalo, Loss

November 17: N.Y. Jets, Loss

November 24th: vs Detroit, Win

1st December: at Carolina, Loss

December 8th: in Green Bay, Loss

December 15th: in Philadelphia, Win

December 22nd: N.Y. Giants, Win

December 29th: in Dallas, Loss

Strength of the calendar: 32nd, 469

I took a look at the 2019 Redskins calendar and I thought to myself, "I like that".

If you want to see what a brutal schedule looks like, take a look at what the NFL did to the Oakland Raiders. Mark Davis, Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock have to really annoy somebody important at the league office. There should be rules against the malaise of the Silver & Black.

In comparison, the Redskins have something to be appreciated.

  • First, playing with NFC North and AFC East means that the Redskins play virtually every game on this side of the Mississippi. The longest trip the Redskins make is the annual walk to the AT & T stadium, home of the Cowboys. Fewer trips mean a better schedule for Washington. It's also good for Philly and NY, but it puts a bit more pressure on Dallas.
  • Our third-place pair of matches adds to the theme of staying close to home, since the Niners are traveling east for the end-of-October match, and that Green Bay is little more than a commute by bus from DC.
  • Then playing AFC East usually means good opportunity go 1 to 3 against AFC opponents, and, although I do not want anything against the Jets or the Bills, almost every other division of the AFC would have been a tougher draw in 2019.
  • No Thanksgiving game. Well.
  • In fact, with only two games in prime time (the minimum requirement is one), the Redskins play hard, it's Sunday at 1 pm. Bears on Monday night? Loss. Thursday night in Minnesota for the Keenum / Cousins ​​rematch? You must think that intangibles in this game mean that Skins have a chance. Who knows better than Jay Gruden how to attack Kirk Cousins ​​and who is more motivated to defeat the Vikings than Case Keenum?
  • Skins play only twice in a row on the road. The first pair is @Vikings (Thursday night), @Bills (Sun), followed by BYE. So, 10 days between Vikes and Bills, then 14 days off. The second series is @Carolina and @Green Bay at weeks 13 and 14. Again, the distance traveled is not huge, although the frozen tundra of December seems a little discouraging.
  • No international games. Check.
  • A leave of the week 10 (mid-November) after two games on the road. Thanks to the planners.
  • All NFL teams, who will play 13 out of 31 potential teams, will face 3 coaches: the Redskins: Matt LaFleur in Green Bay, which may be difficult, but the 14th less surprises in terms of diet and staff (once again, the time it makes … brrr) Brian Flores in Miami, which should be the closest thing to an easy game offered in the NFL this season; and Adam Gase of the NY Jets, at their home in Landover, the week after the BYE. Of course, Washington still has to face Belichick, but I guess Pat Schurmer has somewhat counterbalanced the situation.
  • The 4 teams from Eastern NFC will participate in air combat. Dallas finish with 2 division games; The Giants finish with 2 division games and 3 of the last 4. The Redskins finish with 3 games of division; and Philly has 4 NFCE games to finish the season! That's exciting. The Redskins are getting 2 of these 3 critical division games at home. The team is likely to do business in the division to close the season.
  • Two NFL teams seem to be hoping to lose as many games as possible this season: the Giants (who, with 12 draft picks, will be in season 19 with an old man and many rookies) and the Dolphins, all of whom have writes a press release saying that they are in tanking this year. They are on the Redskins program for 3 games combined. I will take all the help we can get.
  • In the article above, John Keim reports that Redskins' opponents had a combined winning percentage of .469 last season – the lowest in the NFL (Of course, he also reports that the Redskins are twice against the Eagles, so he needs to be checked.). We all know that last year's winning percentage predicts this year's performance for any team, but if you want to start somewhere, start with the easiest scheduled force of the schedule is the right place to start.

I do not know what all this will mean in terms of victories and defeats; I would like to wait at least a day or two after the draft to start making record predictions. It would be nice to know who will be the starting quarterback and whether the Redskins will have a wide receiver or a second starting safety before the training camp, but I can not imagine what the schedule officials could have done more for them. Redskins in 2019.

I like it. Absolutely.

This is a good Friday!

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