ONCE IN A DAY OF HOLLYWOOD Director Quentin Tarantino unveils his favorite film of Marvel Studios


Nearly everyone loves the Marvel film universe and, although some filmmakers have already turned to the shared world of Marvel Studios, legendary filmmaker Quentin Tarantino will not count among them. In fact, he spent the last few months hastily watching the studio's catalog of films!

The revelation came during a recent interview with Empire Magazine and saw that he was considering running a Star Trek movie, it's not a big surprise if he's a fan of the superhero genre.

"I have not been acquainted with them since, I guess, for four years, I think the only cartoon movies I saw last year at the movies were Wonder Woman and Black Panther." about two weeks ago, I started catching some Marvel movies so I could go to Endgame, " he revealed. "I just finished Captain America: Civil War, so the next step is Dr. Strange."

"In fact, the last one I saw was [Thor:] Ragnarok. I liked it, " the filmmaker continued. "It was my favorite of the series since The Avengers – radically my favorite." This is a great eulogy for director Taika Waititi, but it's not a big surprise, because it was considered a revolutionary chapter in the history of the MCU, given how she has revived the God Thunder.

It is doubtful that we will ever see the Once upon a time in Hollywood Helmer is in charge of a Marvel movie but it is fascinating to think about what he could do with any of these characters.

Do you agree with his praises for 2017? Thor: Ragnarok?

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The theory of "Thanus"

Before Avengers: End of the game was published, a very unique theory began to go around online, asking why Ant-Man could not walk the buttocks of Thanos and expand from within, thus killing Mad Titan. This has attracted so much attention that even the cast members are busy with it, but there is a very good reason why inclusion is not part of it … except that it's completely ridiculous, of course!

"Thanos could take a punch from the Hulk, we saw it, and it goes without saying that his whole body is at least as strong as that", Markus explains. "If Ant-Man develops, he would simply be crushed against the motionless walls of Thanos' powerful rectum." There is an image that we will not leave our head this weekend …

Do not blame Star-Lord for breaking


"If you stand in front of your girlfriend's father and discover that he's just killing your girlfriend, you're going to hit him in the face!" Markus wonders if fans should blame Star-Lord for Thanos to kill trillions of lives.

"I just think it's totally understandable emotionally, especially when you add in the scene where [Quill] was supposed to kill her, " McFeely agrees, pointing out the failures of the other heroes. "[Star Lord] is one of the many reasons why they do not win. All you have to do is cut off his head – Thor is at fault. Tony and Steve, if they heard, there is a good chance. There is a lot of criticism to be made. "

How the 2014 version of Thanos differs

When asked how the previous version of Thanos differs from the 2018 version decapitated by Thor, Anthony explains that he was nicknamed "Thanos Warrior, the character's version before laying down his armor, waking up and searching for the stones."

"He's more angry – it could be his fault in the film, the fact that he's a little bit earlier and confident, not quite so enlightened." Regarding how the authors see the Mad Titan 2014, Markus adds: "It is curiously, despite all the damage that it has caused in Infinity War, a softened philosophical Thanos, and we wanted the warlord in this film, which had not quite developed yet." all the nuances. "

Why Thor met with Frigga instead of Jane Foster


When Thor returned to Asgard around 2013, he had an emotional meeting with his mother, Frigga – but why did not we see him interact with Natalie Portman's Jane Foster? According to McFeely, this comes down to the fact that "It was not a relationship that he had to fix."

Markus agrees: "He had a little time with Jane Foster in a rough draft, but that did not seem to be his problem, he was reduced to a child in his cabin in Norway, and he needed his mother's advice. In a nutshell, somebody has to leave, "You're fine. You are crazy, and you are well. "

Robert Downey Jr. improvised a key line


The meeting of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers is brief but extremely moving. We learn that the former is still holding a grudge against Captain America and makes his former ally a "liar".

"I think it was one of the most inspired performance moments of Downey in the film" Anthony said, confirming that the actor had actually improvised that particular moment. "It's the guy who felt abandoned by his father – you can see his privacy and his problems of trust right now when he turns on Cape Downey played the stage with a lot of energy. not done a lot of times, because he was spending so much, he understood it very well. "

"The Snap" was not a cliffhanger


Marvel Studios kept us hooked for a whole year while we waited Avengers: End of the game to be released, but the film's writers do not necessarily believe War of Infinity finished on a cliffhanger.

"The heroes lose all the time at the end of number two, and it usually lasts five minutes, then they pull out, we did not want to do that." McFeely explains. "It sounded like a cheater.People accuse this first movie of being a cliffhanger, but I'm going to go to my grave saying it's a tragedy.A cliffhanger implies that you're going to solve it quickly, and we did not want to do this. "

"And what would happen if?" The comic inspired by the jump in time


We know that one And what would happen if? An animated series arrives on Disney +, but McFeely reveals that these comics inspired the "Five Years Later" time jump that introduced a very different version of the heroes.

"By jumping five, you get" What if Tony got married and lived happily ever after? "," And if Hulk became basically the only superhero and was smart? "What if Cape seemed to want that he wants to give up? ";" What if Natasha never left the house and was the last woman on the wall? ";" What if Thor became a drunk? "," he says.

"It was the idea to do it, but not as What If – keep the stakes in. All of this happened, it's all part of the cannon."

A subtle but brilliant change


Here is something you will watch as you watch the movie again. Apparently, once Avengers: End of the game moves in the future, the visuals of the film change to reflect that.

"At" Five Years Later ", you'll notice that it's getting a lot more blue and colder. We wanted a more depressed mood," Joe reveals. "The intention was to let the characters and audience feel the effects of Infinity War, then slowly change to a different tone – you'll notice that the movie starts to get funny around Hulk and the restaurant, where the tone becomes hopeful again. "

The thought behind Stan Lee's cameo


Avengers: End of the game presents the last Lee Stand cameo in the MCU and it appears as a younger version of itself in 1970. As could be expected, its appearance is based on photos of it taken at the same time. time. "We had a lot of fun with this cameo because we were going in the past" explains Anthony.

"We started looking at old photos, our visual effects team masters so much the techniques of aging reduction," he continued, confirming that VFX was being used for the scene. "We allowed ourselves to become very inspired and excited by Stan's old images." It was very entertaining.

The abandoned Iron Man trip to Asgard


One of the directors decided to focus on a difficult moment, it was enough for them to decide which films to revisit. That resembles Thor: The World of Darkness was settled quickly, but an earlier version of the film would have featured Iron Man visiting the home of the god of thunder.

"Technically, in Thor: The Dark World, the Tesseract is in the safe, as is Ether here too" said McFeely. "So that sent Tony to Asgard, and he had an invisible stealth suit, and he fought Heimdall, who of course could see him, I think Joe [Russo] Entered and said, "Why not go to Avengers? It's the biggest movie, it's the most fun, let's go for it. "

Why Thanos Less Screentim

Thanos was the main character of Avengers: war in the infinite but it takes place at the back End of Game. "It's really an Avengers movie, where the other was not" McFeely reasons when asked to provide an explanation. "We had to give ourselves permission to argue the villain a little bit.I do not think anyone in the first half of the movie goes to say 'Oh, I'd like that there is Meme it a villain … the weather heist, and you think it's kind of unnatural Avengers. "

Redemption of the Black Widow


We know that Hawkeye was originally the one who would get into Vormir, but Joe has now clarified the decision to replace him with Black Widow. "Natasha is fascinating because she's a nasty one.This is not something you've seen on the screen before, but she had a previously false life," he says.

"The character lost his identity and was turned into an assassin, then found a new family because of his membership in the Avengers, which seemed to him an incredibly heroic choice to let people know that she had to sacrifice herself to preserve her life. future and the family. " He also notes that Natasha is ultimately the best fighter, so she would still beat Clint.

Dead characters will not be restarted

If you expect a new Tony Stark to appear in the MCU, guess it again. "It's the nature of the MCU" supports Markus. "This is not a place where you can restart one and suddenly, Iron Man is 15 years old and all the others are still the same age.The characters must faint and the universe must remain in place."

"So, if you want to remove people from the board, they have to go for real," he continues. "Certainly, these are movies, I understand that someone has made a kind of announcement containing the word" Vision ", so I mean …" This is a reference to WandaVision, but there are many ways for an Android to come back.

Why they did not kill Captain America


We have all entered Avengers: End of the game expecting Captain America to die, but he gets a very different end. "Once you kill a beloved character like [Tony]you have to have hope at the end of the film in some ways, and the only person to give you that hope is the other co-leader, " Joe explains.

"If we had eliminated the two main roles, I think people would have gone through the traffic jams after the movie." The intention is not to destroy them, but rather to tell a complex and sizeable story of how they are doing. a way that gives them the feeling of range of emotion ". It finally makes sense.

How the end of the game changes the end of the war of infinity

Dr. Strange reveals that there is only one possible future where the Avengers will defeat Thanos, and McFeely has now emphasized a moment War of Infinity it now takes a very different light.

"Cumberbatch takes a very long pause, and now that you know he's turning to Endgame and Tony dying, he says," One, "you'll just read it like," You have to die – he does not. There is no other way. & # 39; " It's quite sinister to think that he knew that Iron Man would eventually die, and it will be interesting to see what sort of spin-offs, if any, there is, results.

Why Iron Man did not have a last word

Iron Man-444

After telling Thanos "I'm Iron Man", Tony Stark has no last emotional word and says goodbye to Spider-Man, War Machine and Pepper. Robert was like, "I'm not going to say anything. I do not want to talk, because it does not seem to me honest, " Joe reveals. "And I do not think at that moment that he would have the ability to speak."

"It was like," I'm going to stay here, and you can let it unfold with the other characters, but I'm just going to trade, because that seems like a true choice. " Administrators agreed and Anthony adds: "To have a character suffering so much pain, on the verge of death, it was important for us to create the feeling that when you were watching Tony Stark at that time, you knew that he was dying and you had to deal with this in this way, moment. "

An alternative on the portals scene

Apparently, an earlier version of Avengers: End of the game put this big scene of portals in a very different part of the film. "They broke it, and bam – everyone is here, then Thanos attacked" explains Markus. "It was good, but the current situation gives the impression that the film is not finished.If you solve it, it's a skirmish afterwards.But because you have not completed the main task – all the world is not back yet – that remains feels like there is a lot in the balance. "

Captain America Lifting Mjolnir was Kevin Feige's plan


If you want to credit someone for the fact that Captain America has raised Mjolnir, it's Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios. "I'm sure Kevin thought well before [Ultron], that's why he probably asked Joss to include something like that, " Joe says. "At one point, he wanted to see Cape worthy."

"But it's one of those things you can only pay with 10 years of narration," continues the filmmaker. "To know everything about what Cape Cap has gone through and to see who he is as a character and all the choices he's made, it's worth it." Even though he's made mistakes, this which is, I think, fascinating – even in Civil War, when he admits to Tony that he has hidden the truth from him, that does not change the fact that he is worthy. "

A new Thor


Although we have known for some time that Thor still had the intention of keeping his new look, it seems that we can forget that he is getting in shape the next time we see him.

"The end of Thor's journey is not just a return to who he was before he became depressed" Anthony confirms. "The end of Thor's journey is the arrival of a new state of understanding of himself and his world. He is another character who advances. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning it back has undermined the idea that it's not what Thor is anymore.

A tribute to the secret war


Since Avengers: End of the game was released, fans wondered if Hulk who held the Avengers Compound as he collapsed around him could be a nod to some comic book.

Well, the mega fan of Secret Wars, Joe, confirmed that it was so "one hundred percent" a reference to the cartoon group and we must now hope that he and Anthony will one day adapt the whole thing.

A big thank you to Empire Online for the quotes used throughout this post.


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