You know these beautiful bold colors that were to highlight Material Design? Yes, we have kissed goodbye for a long time and it seems that they could be removed from an additional application on your phone: the Play Store.

Some users have started to see a new Play Store interface that removes the green title and the notification bar, replacing them with a blank one. It also removes the green background behind the What's up section for changelogs and replace it with white. It also removes the gray background behind your evaluation / evaluation of an application and … you guessed it … replace it with white. The only true color addition is a bigger green Install button.

The interface also has many other changes, such as missing maps for similar apps and recommendations, the larger column of text for reviews, some font differences, and the mysterious lack of round indicators for numbers. download, categories, and rating. The latter could be a sign that this user interface is still in development because you can see the empty space where they should be … unless Google makes them completely white. I'm kid, I'm kid. Partially.

Below you will find a series of screenshots of the current interface that I see on my device (left) and what appears on the new design (right). You will be able to feast of the disappearance of the color and the form.

This seems to be a limited server-side test. So we hope that not all users will be able to use it before a member of the design team knows how to add a little color or texture.