One of Gillibrand's senior advisors resigned for sexual harassment, but was kept in her staff – one year before complaints against second counselor


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's second advisor, who advocated for women and the #MeToo movement at the heart of her 2020 Democratic presidential campaign, withdrew after an allegation of sexual harassment. Washington Examiner can reveal.

Marc Brumer, 32, New York Democrat's communications director, resigned from Gillibrand's team in spring 2017 after making at least one sexist remark that shocked and offended a younger woman who was working as a programmer. two former Gillibrand advisers told the police. Washington Examiner.

But Brumer continued to be paid despite his misconduct. He was not fired and was retained within Gillibrand's staff. He remained on the senator's payroll "for about three months after the incident, although he did not do any work," said a former assistant.

Details of the output, result of one Washington Examiner An investigation was initiated after Gillibrand's military advisor was fired for sexually harassing a young woman in July 2018. Abbas Malik, 34, remained one of Gillibrand's closest advisers, even after the resignation of accuser to protest the treatment of his charges.

"As I said at the time, I'm sorry that the words used in a heated debate shocked a colleague," Brumer said at the time. Washington Examiner. "At that time, I had already planned my departure and I was preparing to look for another opportunity, I resigned and I ensured a smooth transition."

It seems that Brumer told friends that, while his comment may have been colorful and could be perceived as inappropriate, it was not intended to be sexist or to annoy the planner.

The second case of sexual misconduct of agents around him is a heavy blow to Gillibrand's presidential campaign, fervent supporter of the #MeToo movement and militant against sexual misconduct in the military who built much of his candidacy for the White House. on his approach to gender issues.

In both cases, the oldest male harasser remained with Gillibrand staff, although their misconduct was proven. The planner, like the first victim, reportedly left Gillibrand's office before her stalker.

One of Gillibrand's former staff members told the Washington Examiner it was common to hear inappropriate sex conversations at the workplace.

A spokeswoman for Gillibrand's office said at the Washington Examiner"Here are the facts: this employee was reprimanded immediately, offered his resignation and it was accepted, he never went back into the office and was asked to work from home to perform the transition from her responsibilities after her deputy was promoted to her position The senator was proud to promote an exceptional woman in her office before her leave. "

Brumer, who has been married since 2015, worked for Gillibrand for more than two years and then served as Vice President of Herald Group, a public relations and communications company.

He is a Fordham graduate and has also earned a Masters degree in Elections and Campaign Management. Prior to being hired by Gillibrand, Brumer was working for former representative Dan Maffei, DN.Y., of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and for the Reverend Civil Rights Organization. Al Sharpton, the National Action Network. Malik was with Gillibrand for eight years

His victim did not respond to the Washington ExaminerRequests for comments. the Washington Examiner does not generally identify victims of sexual misconduct.

Malik was brutally expelled this month as a result of media investigations into the conduct of a war veteran in Iraq, allegedly including unwanted advances, and saying that a woman "could not not to be fucked if she was not raped ".

One of Gillibrand's former staff members told the Washington Examiner that what Brumer said was far from rare. "It was so common and sanctioned basically by the leader [of staff], Says the ex-help. "I've heard so many wrong comments from all the members of the office. … It was so common, it was as if, then you'll shoot someone? Why today is the day? Because you run for president or [a journalist] is reaching out to you? "

The former employee stated that Gillibrand knew what had happened in his office and how the complaints were handled. "She is certainly aware of what is going on in the office. She is certainly aware of what people are complaining about, or [when they] file a complaint, "said the assistant.

Gillibrand, a twice-named senator who on Sunday abandoned the pretense of an exploratory committee and announced her candidacy for the Democratic Party's presidential election for 2020, led the initial campaign to reform policies. of sexual harassment and assault on Capitol Hill with Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif.

In December 2017, she called on former Senator Al Franken to resign after eight women, including a congressional employee, accused her of inappropriate behavior, including trial and error and forced kisses. He denied most of the allegations against him.

A month earlier, in November 2017, she had hinted that former President Bill Clinton should have resigned in the 1990s for his extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky – angering many Clinton supporters.

Gillibrand shared her own experiences of sexual misconduct in her 2014 autobiography, In the margins. In the book, she described a senator – later identified as Sen. Daniel Inouye, who died in 2012 – as being the prisoner of Hawaii – as taking her by the waist and telling her not to "lose too much weight" in her life. a pregnancy because he preferred his "chubby daughters".

She wrote, "He meant well, but those words did not go as he had planned."

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