OnePlus 7 bet big


Triple cameras are the new trend in the world of smartphones this year. Huawei launched this trend last year and Samsung has embraced it with the Galaxy S10 lineup earlier this year. Now, as it was said that Apple would follow a similar approach with the iPhone, we have a report detailing the specifications of OnePlus 7 "Pro". Take a look below for more details.

The OnePlus 7 Pro's triple rear camera configuration includes a 48MP main lens, a 8 MP telephoto lens and an ultra-wide 16MP lens

Rumors about OnePlus' decision to diversify the range of smartphones surfaced earlier this month when it was announced that the company would launch three new smartphones this year. Such a move goes against the company's tradition of launching a gadget each year that combines high-end specifications with an affordable price.

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Today we have a report of Max J from Samsung News who believes he has information on one of the three supposed variants of OnePlus 7. The device in question in the OnePlus 7 Pro and, according to Max, will have three rear camera lenses. Of these, the primary goal will have a resolution of 48MP.

The company will also introduce an ultra-wide angle and a telephoto lens on its smartphone. Of these, the first will have a resolution of 16MP and an opening width F / 2.2, while the latter will be able to capture 8MP with an F / 2.4 aperture and a 3x zoom. These features, when combined with an AMOLED display, will increase the nomenclature of the smartphone. In fact, if OnePlus launches such a smartphone, the efforts of the company to attract budget-conscious users may be delayed.

When we analyze reports that claim three new devices from the company later this year, it seems that OnePlus will try to keep its loyal fanbase hooked via options other than OnePlus 7 Pro. The launch of more gadgets will also allow the company to reduce costs through economies of scale, but the success of the OnePlus 7 range will depend on a critical factor. The company will need sufficient market interest for its high-end smartphone variants to justify the decision to expand its range of smartphones; otherwise, OnePlus will have made an expensive gamble that will have put it in an awkward position.

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