OnePlus, EE and Qualcomm Launches Competition for 5G Applications – TechCrunch


Today at MWC Barcelona OnePlus CEO Pete Lau unveiled an initiative to boost applications for 5G networks. The timing is good too. With the launch of 5G worldwide this year, operators, phone manufacturers and consumers have yet to develop a groundbreaking application to meet the massive increase in speed offered by 5G. In summary, OnePlus is asking for help to develop uses of 5G.

OnePlus sees a lack of imagination around the 5G in the long run. Speaking on a panel, CEO Pete Lau stated that he did not believe that people had thought enough about how 5G could change lives in the long run.

This contest will select 20 finalists, who will receive OnePlus devices. Winners will visit OnePlus Headquarters, access 5G test labs and receive support from Oneplus and EE.

This contest was common around the launch of 4G as mobile device manufacturers were trying to strengthen the application markets. However, 5G applications could be very different from 4G applications because much of the processing is transferred to a central data center instead of running on the device.

The promise of 5G is almost there, but it will take initiatives and programs like this OnePlus to help make the opportunities clearer for consumers.

Earlier this week, OnePlus, along with almost every other mobile phone maker, unveiled a 5G device.


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