OnePlus Introduces 5G Prototype at MWC – TechCrunch


OnePlus has promised us a 5G handset this year. At Mobile World Congress this week, the company is sort of delivered. Unlike the sea of ​​other 5G devices unveiled at the show, the company's offering is still in its infancy – like behind a protective glass hiding all the hidden hints, as it's not officially official.

The product appeared on Qualcomm's booth this week, with OnePlus' presence at the show being limited mainly to in-camera events. For the chip maker, it was an opportunity to show once again how pervasive its technology has become in the vast sea of ​​Android devices.

"At the Qualcomm Technologies booth, OnePlus simulated a futuristic 5G cloud game environment where players would only need a smartphone and a joystick," says Qualcomm. "With 5G's powerful cloud processing capabilities, throughput and responsiveness, players can play large online games that are usually readable only after downloading to the PC. Using Snapdragon's elite gameplay features and optimizations, players were able to experience high-definition, low-latency cloud gaming like never before. "

Based on the previous release schedule, OnePlus is expected to officially launch its next phone this summer. Past version cycles have also seen a punctual improvement later in the year as well, although the company has changed somewhat, as it continues to grow and determine where it fits best in the broader handset market. .

This particular device, probably the OnePlus 7, should come out in Q2, although, unfortunately, its 5G variant is not marketed in the United States in 2018.

Meanwhile, with the addition of 5G in 2019, OnePlus is taking a more focused approach to its release cycle, instead of stopping to lower the price of technology.

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