OnePlus has developed a reputation for lagging behind in the update department, especially after new devices released. The company hasn’t completely forgotten about phones from last year yet, even though the release of its next flagship series is just a few days away. The OnePlus 8T is now receiving a handful of bug fixes in a new software update, along with the arrival of the March security patch.

This new version – called OxygenOS in North America and OxygenOS everywhere else – is hitting phones in India before spreading to the rest of the world. Most of the included changes are designed to fix minor system bugs, such as the possibility of random double taps when entering and failure to display the time correctly on the home screen when the language is switched on. set to Arabic. Some changes are more significant, however: Playback issues when viewing videos recorded in 4K Cine mode at 60 frames per second have been fixed, and a bug causing alarms to go out of schedule on working days has been fixed.

While OnePlus did manage to release the March security patch within the month – something the company failed to do with the January update – a new bundle of security patches for April could be available even before. that this version does not reach most users. Since the phone skipped the February patch altogether, we could review May before the OnePlus 8T receives another security-focused update.

A small group of users in India is expected to receive the update starting today, with availability extended to EU and North America regions in the coming days. You can find the full changelog on the OnePlus Forum.