Open letter from CEOs, politicians and union leaders asks Amazon to return to New York


Amazon has announced the end of its headquarters project in New York, but a group of state officials, businessmen and union leaders is asking the company to stay. In an open letter to be published in the New York Times Tomorrow, the group will ask Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, to reconsider the company's decision to abandon a new office in Queens.

The letter was obtained in advance by the Time, who also reported that New York governor Andrew Cuomo had personally spoken to Bezos to try to convince Amazon to return to his original plan. Some legislators in the House, as well as corporate executives such as Mastercard and Goldman Sachs, have signed the letter.

"As representatives of a wide range of interests from government, business, labor, and the community, we urge you to reconsider your thinking so you can move forward together," reads the letter. . The group said the audience response was "tough and not very welcoming". However, he continues, "when we engage in a project as important as this one, we determine how to do it so that everyone can do it." Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio will guide the project throughout the approval process, says the letter.

While Amazon is creating an office in Virginia, the company has backtracked with its plans in New York after being organized by local officials and citizens. Cuomo and others argued that the plan would represent a net benefit to the city, but many, like representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, objected to the large tax subsidies that the company would receive for choosing New York. The company said it made its decision based on "a number of local and local politicians made it clear that they opposed our presence".

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