OPEN NUTRITION CHECKLIST – 20 Healthy Protein Sources for Muscle Growth and Recovery


20 sources of healthy protein to develop muscle and energy performance

The CrossFit Open is almost here! This handy list provides you with a quick resource to identify and include many types of protein in your diet to help you recover, build muscle and perform well throughout the competition and beyond.



"Protein: A whole class of organic nitrogen compounds that have large molecules composed of one or more long amino acid chains and which form an essential part of all living organisms, particularly as structural components of body tissues such as that muscles, hair, etc. and as enzymes and antibodies. "

protein are the "king" in terms of recovery and growth: these nutrients, once in the body, are digested into amino acids that are the building blocks of your lean mass.

During your workout, the cells in your muscles are under higher stress than they normally are. Among them, the important release of lactic acid that occurs during exercise. This causes the athlete to recover some of the "damaged" cells, while replacing some of the old cells with new cells, the growth of which is essential for protein synthesis. Therefore, the post-workout diet must include protein so that the body is assisted in its process of recovery from stress.

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