Open the Galaxy Fold


We need a map.Console play is at a crossroads

This week, Microsoft unveiled an Xbox One S "all digital" while Sony had promised that the PS5 would have a physical medium. Which way is the good?

Ours is always strong.Samsung Galaxy Fold exam units are already broken

The Galaxy Fold has not been released yet, but several members of the media reported broken devices on Wednesday. Some removed a protective layer supposed to stay in place, one of them had a bulge in the hollow of the screen and others ended up with flashing screens.

Samsung said in a statement that "it will conduct a thorough inspection of these units in person to determine the cause of the case". Meanwhile, in China, a user uploaded to Weibo disassembly photos that reveal some of the complicated hardware present in its flexible design.

Everybody out.BlackBerry Messenger closes in May

To compensate for the downtime of the consumer version, BlackBerry makes its enterprise-level Encrypted Messenger (BBMe) available for personal use.

He stopped WannaCry by finding a domain 'killswitch & # 39; and by recording it.Marcus Hutchins, security researcher at MalwareTech, pleads guilty

In 2017, Marcus Hutchins, then 23 years old and relatively unknown, became a global hero to face criminal charges in the space of a few months. On Friday, he pleaded guilty to two charges related to the malicious program "Kronos", for which he faces up to ten years in prison. In a statement, he said: "I regret these acts and take full responsibility for my mistakes." Having grown up, I use from the same skills that I used abusively there is several years for constructive purposes ".

Let destiny be your guide.Netflix experiments with a random play button

As spotted by Android font, the streaming service tests a "Random Episode" button in which is usually the shortcut to the next episode. There is also a random track of Netflix's most popular shows where you can hop in ether streaming in a totally random way.

Which trial?Apple and Qualcomm Settle Litigation with New Patent Agreement

The two companies settled their patent and royalty dispute, putting an end to all pending legal actions (including with Apple's manufacturing partners). Apple has agreed to pay Qualcomm an unspecified amount, while both parties have entered into a six-year patent license agreement as well as a "multi-year" wireless chipset contract. If you wonder why they suddenly invented, the announcement by Intel to give up trying to develop 5G modems for smartphones – the 5G modems supposed to replace Qualcomm's chips in the next iPhones – is a very big clue.

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