Opinion Pixel 3: Six months after, here's what's great and what's not

Last October, Google released the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL and they remained two of the best phones you can buy today. With high-end hardware, a fantastic camera and fast software updates, the Pixel 3 has become my daily Android driver. However, after six months of consecutive use, some things continue to be excellent and a few of them are not. Here are my takeaways.


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Pixel 3: 6 months in


The Pixel 3 camera is still amazing

The unique rear camera of Pixel 3 is just as impressive today as when Google launched the phone. New competitors like the Huawei P30 Pro and Galaxy S10 Plus appeared with several cameras at the back. Although I have not used these two phones for a very long time – and I know everyone has their own great camera full of new features – I'm still more than happy with what Pixel 3 does with its unique lens and software.

Since I have been using Pixel 3 for months, I do not often think of the camera when I use it. When I take pictures of my friends, landscapes or food, I do not think twice; I guess I got used to some standard photo quality.

But then, I'll take a picture of a particularly tricky situation, say a very dark scene at night where I'm in a moving car with a lot of movement, and the Pixel 3 turns out a fantastic photo. At this point, I remember how impressive the camera is again. Night view is a special game changer. Now, I'm throwing my Pixel 3 with confidence in environments I imagined impossible to take pictures (even with flash), like my friends in a dimly lit bar or an attractive dish in a dark restaurant. The photos are clear and bright and I do not think I will start using the phone's flash again.

Be aware of call quality issues

I did not experience this myself, but there are enough incidents reported so that I would not want to mention the fact that some Pixel owners experienced bad quality audio and call with their phones. Users of the Reddit and Google forums have reported issues such as clipping and listening to audio, echoes, really tiny ringing voices or audio delays that stack words on top of each other.

These problems are the kind of problems that emerge months after the launch of the phone and even the first pixel in 2017 had microphone problems. Until now, Google has not released a reliable solution to this problem, but a representative of the company said that he was working with the users and that he was actively looking for the solution. Nevertheless, the problem is annoying and impractical for many people. As soon as the sound or quality of your phone call starts to react, send it back, send it back as soon as possible to replace it and know that you are not the only person to have encountered this problem.


Some Pixel 3 users have reported problems with the quality of audio calls.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Pixel does not stop flashing me

I have a personal problem with my personal experience: the screen is flashing. From time to time, when I unlocked my screen, a bright white light blinked for a second. It's really shocking and unexpected. Many other people have had this problem and for a moment the fix seemed to disable the ambient display function.

But even after that, lightning occurs from time to time. It has been reported, however, that Google had just fixed this problem with its last update in April. I have recently downloaded this update and so far, this has not happened yet. Let's hope that the problem is finally solved.

Love me call screens

It's unfortunate, but I use Call Screen a lot more times than I should. Robocalling, spam and telemarketers are a irritating problem of modern times. The call screen will be available on non-Pixel phones including the Moto G7. Verizon has an app to block spam and the FAC is trying very well Robocallers.

I get about three to four spam calls a week and they are incredibly annoying. Having Call Screen is great because I'm tapping a button and I start reading the little transcript to the spammer. And it's so satisfying to watch them hang up or hang up without even picking up the phone. It's one of the features of Pixel that I use a lot.

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Using the call screen to answer a call.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Digital well-being opens your eyes

Digital Wellbeing is available on other Android phones in addition to Pixel 3 and is a revelation for me. Because I watch screens all day at work, I am determined to limit the number of uses of my phone at night. Keeping an eye on the time I unlock my phone or the time I spend on certain apps allows me to set these limits.

On average, I spend about two hours looking at my phone. It's shorter than the national average of three hours, but I can always improve myself. The days I spend only 30 or 45 minutes (usually weekends), I feel fulfilled and having this data is crucial. I also limit my apps, leaving me 15 minutes a day to browse Instagram. Whenever the timer appears or I'm locked out, it's actually a relief. I can pick up the phone and tell me that's enough for today and maybe it's time to go out.


Digital Wellbeing helps you monitor your phone usage.

Screenshot of Lynn La / CNET

When I looked at the phone for the first time, I realized that the "truly exceptional cameras and call filtering using an artificial intelligence of Pixel 3 gave it a head start over the other formidable ones. tight circle phones winners in 2018 ". This is still the case today, and I look forward to what Google reserves for its successor, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL. Rumors are circulating that the phones could have two rear cameras, which would be interesting since the Pixel 3 takes great pictures with only one lens.

Google would also have launched a more affordable pixel model known as Pixel 3 Lite. If you are interested in a Pixel but you have a limited budget, it may be best to wait to see if the phone will actually come out. If you can not wait, you can get the Pixel 3 while having one of the best phones on the market.

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