Opinion: The most unfortunate season of NASCAR


At this point, it is ultimately the main point of contention between the two sides of the 2019 package debate: no one is exchanging the same conversation, which creates the toxic environment in which we all currently live.

NASCAR claims statistics every week as proof that the high-powered, low-power formula makes sense. Critics point to the loss of traditional race features such as throttle control, handling and tire management.

The drivers' council dissolved after most of its members claimed to have the impression that NASCAR was not listening.

This debate on the package goes nowhere on a weekly basis, because one of the parties contravenes the virtues of entertainment, while the other deplores the loss of sports integrity. There is no middle ground with this formula because one has been sacrificed in exchange for the other.

And there is definitely a market for both, which means that one side is going to collapse when the NASCAR Generation 7 race car comes out in 2021.

The NASCAR officials are in a thankless and unenviable position these days.

They have spent so much time over the last ten years trying to secure a four-way championship tie every season, end-of-green-flag shootouts, and pack races all over the field, so fans become insatiable.

During the process, NASCAR lost its identity and is struggling to find itself in 2019. This is causing discontent from all sectors of the industry and threatening to tear it apart in the years to come.

Ask the Indy car community how this story ends.

That's why this weekly story should not be taken lightly. It is not sustainable.

If those who work at the highest level do not have fun, how are fans supposed to find joy every week?


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