Or the Hubble constant is wrong or the universe is torn


The scientific community is struggling with a crisis. Some anarchist physicists have recently started breaking tires with the standard model and have realized that the universe is growing faster than expected. This means that the worst result imaginable has happened: scientists have been wrong with calculation.

Either that, or the universe is torn apart. Probably both. But it's hardly remarkable. If the universe started with a Big Bang, it would be silly to think that it would end with a "Mild Settling". In fact, it is highly likely that we would start discussing the Big Rip soon enough (physics theory) if physicists can not solve Hubble's constant shit.

Here is some information for those who are not scientific groupies. The Hubble – Lemaître law, named in honor of Edwin Hubble (indeed, the guy who gave their name to the telescope) and generally called the Hubble constant, is a figure that describes the speed at which the universe is growing.

Astronomers of 18th century understood that celestial bodies seemed to be moving away from Earth in all directions. Since we are certain that our planet is not the center of the universe, we can assume that the stars and the planets themselves do not move. It's actually the space between the objects in, uh, the space that changes. Dark matter, or something else (which scientists legitimately ignore), fills the universe and causes it to expand.

Hubble is credited with being among those who determined the rate of expansion. That's 67.4 km / second per megaparsec. By knowing this number, scientists have the opportunity to perform simulations to determine what the universe will look like in billions of years or what it looked like billions of years ago. Unfortunately, doing this with Hubble's Constant is a bit like trying to predict global storm trends in perpetuity by examining a single drop of water in a laboratory. It's really hard.

To make matters worse, physicists do not know if the Hubble constant is accurate. Independent studies show that the specific objects measured with the Hubble constant do not seem to be exactly where they should be. In other words, whether it's someone who moves the stars, the Hubble Constant needs an update, some scientists have ruined any calculations, or the speed of the stars. Expansion of the universe has accelerated.

If the latter is true, it is almost certain that our universe will eventually be torn apart. Perhaps the dark matter will reach a critical intrusion and will force the remaining white matter to form a dense ball of pure energy that explodes into a kind of big-bang, forcing matter to expand in a very small universe for baby that will expand until tearing. They are turtles at the bottom, in other words.

It is probably more likely that technological limitations and the simple difficulty of accounting for all possible variables when mathematics is used on an astronomical scale have made it difficult to determine the exact reason for differences between measurements made by separate research teams.

It may take years to determine the true rate of expansion of the universe. Scientists could still prove Hubble's constant, or perhaps we'll find out that all the numbers are correct and that we'll need some new exotic physics to account for these truths. In any case, it is equally likely that the universe will eventually tear. Happy Monday.

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