Oregon spoils Senior Night at UW with a huge victory on the road


(Photo: Jennifer Buchannon, USA TODAY Sports)

Seattle, WashingtonAt the senior party in Washington for the four key players in the program, the Ducks went to the Huskies and spoiled the party. Oregon (19-12, 10-8) controlled the tempo throughout the match and came out with a 55-47 win at the clutch.

In the final two minutes of the match, Pritchard made two free throws, Louis King made three whistles at the end of the clock, and King added two free throws to give the Ducks a win. The Ducks are heading to next week's Pac-12 tournament in Las Vegas as No. 6 seed. They will lead a four-game winning streak and play their best basketball of the year.

"We have already had momentum, keep increasing, we have changed since the game against UCLA," Pritchard said. "In the last five games we have had a bad half against UCLA and after that we have been great."

Pritchard led the Ducks with 16 points on 5 out of 10 shots and 3 of 7 on three points. Pritchard added three assists, three rebounds and five flights in the win. Paul White was the only other player in Oregon to double his numbers with 10 points and a rebound before losing six minutes to play. Francis Okoro added nine points and 10 rebounds and Louis King scored seven points, including five in the last three minutes of the game.

"Connected guys have bounced back well," said Oregon head coach Dana Altman. "The nine more on the boards, 11 to 3 on the points of the second chance, and one night when we did not shoot well and did not shoot free throws worth, we had to win on other areas, our activity was pretty good. "

The Ducks fired 42.9% of the field and made only 18% of their 22 three-point shots and only nine of their 17 free throws. The Ducks won the return leg against the Huskies 55-47 and scored 32 of their 55 points.

The victory in Washington is the first time that an opponent of the entire season comes to Alaska Airlines Arena and wins on the Huskies' field. This is also the second year in a row that the Ducks have come to Washington and are winning on the senior night.

The Washington Huskies were choked all night by the size and length of Oregon's defense. Washington shot 21.7% of the field in the first half and finished the game with only 33% of the field. The only thing that kept the game tight was the 16 Oregon turnovers and the Huskies shot 12 of the 17 shots in the free throw line. In the second year, Washington's best player Jaylen Nowell led with 17 points while Noah Dickerson added 14 points and 16 rebounds.

"We stayed at what the coach was telling us," Okoro said. "We stayed together, we communicated, we are a better team when we play defense, defense is the key."

Washington's well behaved during his senior night was on the board with a three-pointer pointer from senior guard Matisse Thybulle in his first possession. Oregon reacted in the next possession with a dunk alley-oop from Payton Pritchard to Kenny Wooten. The Ducks took their first lead of the match on a hook shot of Francis Okoro and Oregon led 5-3. Pritchard found Wooten in Wooten for a dunk and the Ducks pushed the lead to 6-3. The score remained the same at the first half media break with 15:34 to play.

Oregon extended its goal series eight points in a row after the first stoppage of the media on Paul White's jump shot and the Ducks led 8-3. Washington responded with another three pointer by Thybulle and the Ducks led 8-6. Pritchard added a double and the Ducks extended their lead to six with 12 minutes of play in the first half. Amin recorded a robbery on the next possession in Washington and Miles Norris added a hold on after an offensive rebound. The Ducks led 14-6 with 11:09 to play in the first period.

White added two consecutive throws to the key and Washington was forced to call a timeout after 18-6. Wooten committed his second foul of the first half with 8:11 to play and had to leave the match. The Ducks had a 20-8 lead in the under-eight wait with 6:36 to play in the first half. After the time expired for the media, White added one of two free throws to push the Oregon race to 21-5 and a 21-8 lead. Pritchard reversed a three transition and the Ducks led 24-8.

With less than four minutes to play in the first half, Washington missed 12 of 13 goals scored and shot 15%. Oregon scored 11 of its 22 placements and scored 18 of its 24 points in the paint. The Ducks led 24-8 with 3:45 to play in the first period.

Oregon leads 27-18 at the half. UW shot 22%, made 8 turnovers and Oregon scored 10 points on those turnovers. Whites lead all players with 10 points. Oregon leads to the rebound 22-13.

Washington opened the second period by scoring its first three goals, the third being a one-and-one for Jaylen Nowell. The Ducks led just 28-25 with 17 minutes left in the game. Francis Okoro, of Oregon, briefly silenced the Washington crowd with a hook shot and the Ducks led 30-25. After a shot from Nowell to get Washington in the first three minutes, Oregon's Pritchard toppled a pointer to a corner to bring the Ducks 33-27 back to 14:22.

Nowell scored his third half-half goal on a running float and was also fouled. After the free kick by Nowell, the Ducks led by just five, 35-30 to 11:49.

Washington earned less than three points with 11:09 to play and the White of Oregon had to leave the match with his fourth foul. The Ducks responded with an offensive clutch rebound by Norris and he scored a layup and a free throw. The Ducks led 40-34. Washington got two straight Dickerson and Nowell three-game games and with 7:52 to play in the game, the Ducks led Washington 43-40.

In the space of 30 seconds, Pritchard, of Oregon, committed his fourth foul of the match, then White missed the match with 6:09 to play in the match and Oregon leading with only six points. While there was only two seconds left to the shot clock and the ball just barely gone, Louis King missed a shot missed by Okoro and the Ducks led in front 48-40. These were the first points scored by King and he had only five minutes left to play.

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