Oreo cookies on the theme of Game Of Thrones arrive


Photo: Aleksandra Baranova (iStock), Helen Sloane (HBO)

the Twitter Oreo account (you do not follow Oreo on Twitter?) aired a disturbing message this morning. He announced "Cookies are coming" with "Oreo" in the classic Game of thrones font, then metamorphose into hashtag #ForTheThrone.

Oreo cookies for the throne? Sure why not. After all, Game of thrones & # 39; The final season will debut on HBO on April 14th. The hype of Dragon is in full swing. previous US merch has everything included, from socks to tarot cards, to the "dinner approach" chopping board, so why not choose the Oreos theme, perhaps bearing the Lannister logo?

A previous candyhunting post on Instagram called Oreo-US The alliance is a "partnership that nobody has ever seen coming". CH also predicts that the cookies will disappear before the start of the last season, which leaves us all the time to speculate on the final shape of the GOT Oreo cookie. (Dragon's head? Wall?)

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