Oscars Rise 2019 – No Host for ABC Oscars


The Oscar ratings appear to have rebounded in 2019 after four consecutive years of decline.

According to very preliminary figures, the 200-minute ABC television channel, broadcast free and without a Sunday night host, recorded a score of 21.6 points in the homes of the counter market. This represents an increase of 14% from last year's 18.9%, which is a historic low and ultimately resulted in the smallest audience of the ceremony (26.5 million ).

This year's television broadcast was followed by more than six months of failures in the news, starting with the Academy's revival on the addition of the category of best popular film. nobody as a host and finishes with the almost immediate reversal of the decision to award some rewards during commercial breaks.

TVLine readers rated the "B" average rating for the Sunday night non-host television show with 79% of respondents. prefer the streamlined format.

This year's preliminary Oscars hearing will be unveiled later this morning. The total audiences for the last 10 issues are listed below.

2018: 26.5 million (host Jimmy Kimmel)
2017: 32.9 million (host Jimmy Kimmel)
2016: 34.3 million (host Chris Rock)
2015: 37.3 million (host Neil Patrick Harris)
2014: 43.7 million (host Ellen DeGeneres)
2013: 40.3 million (host Seth MacFarlane)
2012: 39.3 million (host Billy Crystal)
2011: 37.9 million (hosts Anne Hathaway / James Franco, ough)
2010: 41.3 million (hosts Steve Martin / Alec Baldwin)
2009: 36.9 million (host Hugh Jackman)

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