Our Biggest Look at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge



Welcome to Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu.

By Adam Bankhurst

Disney has revealed many new information about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, including attractions, food, drinks and even a shop where fans can create a unique lightsaber.

Last week at Disneyland Resort, a special preview revealed more of the magic of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. It's our biggest look on this country that aims to carry fans into the Star Wars universe and achieve their dreams. .

The millennium hawk and the rise of the resistance

We have heard a bit about the two main attractions of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge – Millennium Falcon: The Smuggler's Run and Star Wars: The Rise of Resistance – and more details have been revealed about what it's all about. # 39; wait.

In the Millenium Falcon ride, up to six people will sit in the Falcon's cockpit and "fly it, fire their cannons and manage their controls".


Scott Trowbridge said about this new visit from StarWars.com: "If you do not shoot and hit the TIE fighter following you, it may take a beating and cause damage. If you do not fly properly for avoid that, you'll crush a wall, your ship will fly straight and hit that wall, you're really in control of what's happening on your mission. "

In Rise of the Resistance, guests will have the opportunity to join the Resistance and take their place in a battle between the Resistance and the First Order in places such as a forest area outside the city. 39, outpost of Black Spire in Batuu up to a Star. Destroyer where they will eventually come face to face with Kylo Ren.

John Boyega (Finn), Oscar Isaac (Poe), Daisy Ridley (Rey) and even BB-8 will appear during the attraction to help you on your journey!


The people, aliens and droids of the Black Spire outpost

When you arrive at the outpost of Black Spire on the Batuu planet, where Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge takes place, you will experience a Star Wars journey. Pablo Hidalgo, from Lucasfilm's story group, said the schedule would not have been fully confirmed yet. It will take place at some point around the Resistance / First Order conflict.

As you walk through Galaxy's Edge, you'll come across characters such as Star Wars' Hondo Ohnaka: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, which is "one of the most complex audio-animatronic figures ever created. by the Disney Parks ". Alongside the fans' favorite characters, you can also see the old Star Tours driver, R-3X, as DJ, Loth Cats (!), Porgs, and even the Ithorian Dok-Ondar, who manages the black market. of Batuu.


The members of the Disney cast will be disguised as Batuuans and will each have a story to tell, some sympathizers of the Resistance and other loyalists of the First Order.

While strolling through Galaxy's Edge, you can also use your phone as a datapad in the universe via the Play Disney parks app. It will unlock missions and stories, allow guests to translate foreign languages, hack droids, communicate with characters like Hondo, and more.

The shops, food and drinks of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Once inside Galaxy's Edge, guests will have the opportunity to experience their Star Wars dreams, including building a unique lightsaber at Savi's workshop, where a Jedi or Sith lightsaber can be created, with a Kyber crystal in its place. heart.

At Droid Depot, you can create your own BB or R2 unit and make yourself your new best friend.

The lightsaber and droid will help enhance your experience at the Black Spire outpost. The lightsaber will house a secret message that can only be unlocked when associated with a holocron, while your droid will react to your experiences as you explore this new planet.


You'll be able to buy a pet or creature at Bina's creature booth, buy stuffed animals, musical instruments, and more at Toydarian Zabaka's Toy Store. Black Spire Outfitters will allow visitors to purchase Jedi clothing and more to fully integrate with this world.

As mentioned earlier, Dok-Ondar has its antiques hideout where you can find the aforementioned holocrons, stone carvings of Jedi warriors and rarer artifacts.

In terms of food and beverages, guests will have many options, including Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo's Endorian Fried Chicken Tip-Yip, Ronto Roasters Ronto Wrap (Sausage and Pork) and Juice Meiloorun, featured in Star Wars Rebels.

star-wars-galaxys-edge food-feb2019-gallery-4

You can visit R-3X at Oga's Cantina and order drinks such as a Fuzzy Tauntaun and even the iconic Blue Milk served by Luke Aunt Luke Skywalker in A New Hope.

Oh, and a green variety will also be available, it would come directly from the Thala sirens of The Last Jedi.

This is just a small preview of Galaxy & # 39; s Edge, an ever-expanding map, which will continue to evolve and delight viewers and allow Star Wars fans to live the fantasy they had since the first movie Star Wars.

To learn more about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, which is due to open this summer at Disneyland and this fall at Disney World, do not miss the Star Wars Resort, also directed to Galaxy's Edge, the next series of theme park comics, and a preview of John Williams' new song for the new Star Wars Park.

Adam Bankhurst is an IGN journalist who did not think he could be more enthusiastic about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, but he does and is preparing to move to Batuu later this year. You can follow him on Twitter @ AdamBankhurst.

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