Our favorite "Game of Thrones" celebrations around the world

The winter has arrived. The. And everywhere.

With his eighth and last season premiered in a few days, Game of thrones the excitement has reached its climax. Regardless of the corner of the map where you are, you are forced to find Something This allows fans, whether House Stark or House Lannister banners, to celebrate the epic fantasy of HBO. Around the world, people are anxiously waiting to know who will eventually sit on the iron throne. We have ranked our favorite ways to make the world excited for the last season of the series.

A bannerman in Beirut has clearly announced his alliance: "The elders of Beirut support Jon Snow in his war against the White Walkers," read a banner appeared on a bridge (then viral) in the Lebanese capital.

"Alumni from Beirut support Jon Snow in his war against the White Walkers."

Lebanon's current political climate is not unlike that of the Seven Kingdoms – there are currently 13 parties in Lebanon's parliament, which has become emblematic of the country's "fractured political scene" – which can not not to meet. in order to achieve a common goal. Faisal Timrawi, who created the banners, told Buzzfeed News that the many political banners around the city had inspired him to try his own fun version.

To promote the latest season, HBO has hidden six life-size reconstructions of the iron throne around the world. Fans were accused of having traveled the globe producing only the smallest allusions. HBO tweeted short and enigmatic clues and fans could watch a time interval that could be seen at 360 degrees. The thrones were discovered in Puzzlewood (England), Castillo de Atienza (Spain), Bebribe (Brazil), Tumbler Ridge (Canada), Björkliden (Sweden) and Queens (New York). Although they had to abdicate their thrones, the newly minted kings and queens kept keeping their wreaths as a prize.

"In the game of thrones", as Cersei Lannister said in the first season, "You win or you die". These characters? They did not win. The Thrones Tomb Cemetery (which was built by an Australian cable company) appeared in Sydney's Centennial Park and pays homage to the many characters who have come to their end (often horrible) over the past seven seasons. the

If you have always wanted to dance to the grave of Joffrey Baratheon, you have until Sunday, April 14th.

The cemetery features two family mausoleums (one for the unfortunate Starks and one for the Barathéons), as well as gravestones for just about every notable player who has made the mistake of not not be equipped with parcel armor. If you have always wanted to dance to the grave of Joffrey Baratheon, you have until Sunday, April 14th.

Listen, when you live in the world of Westeros, you will need a well-aged Dornish red drink to relieve yourself. So, why not go to the "Bar of Thrones", an ephemeral bar near Philadelphia's marketplace. The space has been landscaped to look like the scene of the show, with banners with seals from different family homes, a wall of masks on the faces room and a large Weirwood tree. The menu features the show's official beers and a range of specialty cocktails, some of which include Johnnie Walker's special "White Walker". Bar of Thrones runs until end of May.

Have you missed your chance in the treasure hunt to claim the iron throne for yourself? Could we interest you in the dragon stone throne? Today, you can go to 225 Varick Street Shake Shack in New York's West Village to discover a piece of the ancestral home of the Targaryen family. Better a king for a minute than not at all!

India is another home of Game of thrones fandom, where thematic events have already taken place, including a performance that took place earlier this month in Mumbai, where a huge orchestra performed the theme song of the show, which really deserves to be seen.

But just because you missed this awesome display does not mean you're out of luck. You can go to the Hold the Door event like Hodor at Doolally Taproom on April 14th. Teams (houses) will gather to drink, learn (for example, play Game of thrones trivia) as well as competitively playing scenes and singing their versions of "Rains of Castemere" (although this seems like a good way to make everyone look in the bar suspiciously all night).

Seven of Colorado Springs' local breweries will host the most bozy celebration! Each brewery (which will represent a different family home) will offer specialty beers instead of sigils. And because no fantastic epic is complete without a card, participants can buy one that will allow them to navigate the plethora of boozy offers. What's a fantastic epic without a map?

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